Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian Dating? (photos, video)

April 21, 2010

Are these two hotties really dating? Is it true that Kim Kardashian was spotted kissing Cristiano Ronaldo? Is this date going to be on Keeping up with the Kasdashians? Keep reading to know all the steamy details about this utterly sexynew couple, plus take a look at Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo’s photos and video below.

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We all know how the Real Madrid’s striker likes his woman, he has a weakness for brunettes with very curvy bodies, which is why when I heard that he was spotted kissing with Kim Kardashian I wasn’t surprised, but excited I mean they would look so hot together, Kim is stunning and him, I can’t find the words to describe him, wait I do GRRRRRR!!!!

So is it true then that they are dating? Well, that’s too soon to be assuming something that we can’t be 100% certain, we don’t want to be like those guys who said that Kim was dating Manchester City’s Wayne Bridge, they said that they met in a hotel in Miami and they went out on a date, but then Kim was twittering asking who Wayne Bridge was, I guess she heard the rumors about her latest alleged date with the English soccer player.

As for Cristiano they were indeed spotted having lunch in La Dorado in Madrid, Spain where Kim was there for business, and took time out of her busy agenda to watch her friend’s match on Saturday night. She met Cristiano in L.A a while ago, then Kim was spotted relaxing in the company of the handsome Portuguese, where sources were rumoring that they were kissing and being very affectionate with each other. Later that he got into his Audi, while Kim got into a Black G Mercedes, they drove to Cristiano’s house where Kim allegedly stayed for several hours, and the next day Kim left for the Airport, but this isnot the end to this love story.

It was also rumored that they have been keeping in touch on the phone and with e-mails, people are also talking, friends of Kim wish that she stayed single for a while since she used to allegedly go from guy to guy, which will work pretty well with Cristiano who has the same alleged tendency.

Another source gave an update about the alleged romance saying that they were not taking anything serious and they were just having fun.

Cristiano was once spotted kissing one of Kim’s girlfriends remembr? Cristiano and Paris, who was rumored that she went partying with Kim’s ex Reggie Bush, I guess that good friends really share everything, or not?

What do you think are they really dating and are they the new sexiest couple alive or is it just a fling?

Don’t miss Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo’s photos and video below.

Cristiano Ronaldo pictureKim Kardashian pictureCristiano Ronaldo photoKim Kardashian photo

Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo Dating – News Video

Photos:, Chriss Connor, Apega, Fayes Vision, Sean Thorton, 247 Images

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