Andres Conesa: Lorena Ochoa’s Husband (Biography)

April 21, 2010

Meet Andres Conesa, LPGA Number one female player Lorena Ochoa’s husband. But who is this guy? How did they meet? Keep reading to know all from his biography and don’t miss Andres Conesa’s photos and video below.

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Lorena Ochoa’s husband Andres Conesa Labastida is a very important businessman for one of Mexico’s most successful and powerful airlines, but this handsome gentleman has a very interesting story of his own, besides being married to the best female golfer in the world that is, so let’s begin!!

  • Andres Conesa Labastida was born in Mexico on June 15, 1969, so his age is of 39 years old.
  • He got a degree in economics from the Instituto TecnolĂłgico AutĂłnomo de MĂ©xico or ITAM and then he got his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • He was awarded in Mexico with the 1997 Banamex National Prize in Economic Research.
  • Some of Andres’ most remarkable work the experiences are when he took over the managing of the Public Credit Ministry of Finance and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cintra (the holding company for Aeromexico and Mexicana). From that position, he was the main protagonist of the sale of Aeromexico and Mexican, after several years of government attempts to perform this operation.
  • He is a golf fan and when one day he attended a golf tournament he had the experience to meet the young golf star, they talked for awhile, saw each other sporadically since Aeromexico is one of Lorena’s sponsor.
  • Andres was married for thirteen years to Carla Ruilova with whom he has three children, Isabel, Marines and Andy.
  • Lorena and Andres started dating in the summer of 2007, when they met again during one of Aeromexico’s golf tournaments in Cabo.
  • Andres joined the Aeromexico family in 2005 as Chairman of the Board of Directors and became the company’s CEO in 2007.
  • Andres is a romantic guy who sends Lorena flowers wherever she was competing.
  • He got engaged to Lorena in January 2009, and now Andres was in the spotlight worldwide.
  • They got married in December 2009, in Lorena’s hometown of Guadalajara.

Take a look at the photos and at the video which contains small glimpses of Andres Conesa (Shot #12 guy in blue and yellow tie).

Andres Conesa Video

Photos: Roman Gomez, Keith Allison

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