Big Ben Roethlisberger Suspended for 6 Games (Video, Photos)

April 21, 2010

The news about the Steelers’ quarterback Big Ben Roethlisberger are finally released, he will be banned for more games than he expected, but is it true that the Steelers want to trade Big Ben? For whom? Keep reading to know more of this story plus take a look at Ben Roethlisberger’s photos and video below.

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No charges were made towards Ben Roethlisberger, but that doesn’t mean the Steelers were not going to apply their punishment to their quarterback, who has been charged with sexual assault twice in one year. Maybe their hope that by taking this procedure, Ben will think twice about getting himself in any more trouble.

Even if no charges were made, the recent details about Ben’s big night are really a shame for his team and a violation to the NFL’s personal conduct policy who will not permit any misconduct or this behavior of any of their players which is why after overlooking Ben’s case they have finally made their decision that they will suspend Big Ben for 4-6 games on Wednesday.

"Your conduct raises sufficient concerns that I believe effective intervention now is the best step for your personal and professional welfare. In your six years in the NFL, you have first thrilled and now disappointed a great many people. I urge you to take full advantage of this opportunity to get your life and career back on track." Said Roger Goodell NFL Commissioner.

But we wonder why is it not a single number of suspensions have been confirmed; is it 4, 5 or 6 after all? Ben’s suspension can change depending on his conduct and medical evaluations. So the number of suspensions depend pretty much on him.

Ben hasn’t been informed yet, but maybe the news would not be as bad as 8 games suspension, that was what we have been hearing before. But what might not be well received by the quarterback is that if rumors are true, his team wants to trade him. On more recent news we hear that Ben was informed that he will be suspended for six games without pay plus he has to go under behavioral evaluations.

It was rumored that the Steelers were looking forward to trading Ben Roethlisberger for a top 10 pick that will be selected on Thursday night, so far the rumors are that one team has showed interest in the trade, but first they have to know the Steelers’ final punishment and its condition that Ben is going to have. So far we found out that the teams selected for a possible trade are: 49ers, Jaguars, Rams, Bills, Browns and the Seahawks and the ones that already said “no Trade” are the Bills, Rams, but again these are just rumors, we will have to wait and see what time tells us. Right now take a look at Big Ben Roethlisberger’s photos and video below.

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Big Ben Suspension News Video

Photos:, Judy Eddy, Nikki Nelson, HRC

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