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April 21, 2010

Today Is a tragic day in golf, no, thank God nobody died, but the Mexican female golfer Lorena Ochoa has announced her retirement from Golf. Keep reading to know this full story and don’t miss Lorena Ochoa’s photos and video below.

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LPGA’s number one player for the past three years, the Mexican Lorena Ochoa has announced on April 20th she is retiring from golf. Why did she make this decision, being so young, she is just 28 years old, she still has so many years in the sports, right? Well, yes she does indeed and with her talent it means many years filled with victories, but Lorena, who got married last December, wants to focus on her family, with her hubby Andres Conesa Labastida, Aeromexico’s (Mexican Airline) CEO since 2007. Although family over golf has not been confirmed by Lorena yet, she will give a press conference on Friday.

"Lorena Ochoa confirms her retirement from the LPGA, as news reports in some media have said today. The reasons and more details on the matter will be given by Lorena personally in a press conference on Friday in Mexico City. Lorena will share this news of a new stage in her life with her sponsors, family members and friends."

We will be waiting anxiously for her press conference, but colleagues are almost positive that her decision comes because of her family, some of these colleagues are former Swedish golfer Annika Sorestam who also retired when she was 37 years old to pursue a family. Today Annika is a mother of gorgeous Ava Madelyn.

"I must admit that I was surprised, but not shocked, when I heard the news yesterday that Lorena is going to retire. She has always said she would play for maybe 10 years and then leave the game to start a family. She just got married and obviously feels that she is ready for that next chapter in her life." Annika said.

Last year Lorena Ochoa was awarded with the LGPA Rolex Player of The year and the Vare Trophy, today she announced her retirement leaving us heartbroken. If speculations are true and she took this decision to concentrate on her family, maybe it is not retirement but perhaps an indefinite break and will soon come back. Anyways we are happy for her, plus she is so young, she can always come back. We will be waiting for you Lorena!

Now take a look at these beautiful photos of Lorena Ochoa and her video below.

Lorena Ochoa photo

Lorena Ochoa retirement News Video

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Keith Allison, Roman Gomez

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