Amy Johnson: Jared Allen’s Girlfriend (Video)

April 20, 2010

Meet Amy Johnson, she is the utterly sexy girlfriend of Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who has been and still is really protective of his girlfriend. He protects her and he is not afraid to do it. Keep reading to know more about this beautiful and shy girl plus check out some of Amy Johnson’s photos and video below.

Jared Allen

There is little information about Amy, I wish we could know more details about this mystery girl from Arizona who recently got engaged to the famous Viking after he proposed to her in his truck before he was going away on a hunting trip. They will get married in May. They have been dating for a couple of months after he broke off with Jordan Parrish, a girl, who like Amy, was also shy.

Recently we got a glimpse of Amy when they happened to be at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Jared had to stand up for his girl when a bar patron insulted her. The news was brought to us by TMZ. He once spoke about Amy, who was in town and they were about to go on a date, strangely the place they chose for their romantic date didn’t sound so romantic at all – “Arby’s”.

"My lovely girlfriend, Amy, is in town. We’re kind of out for a little date. Thought we would keep it blue collar. Where else would you take the love of your life? — Arby’s!"

Her beauty, honesty, humbleness and kind heart is what got him head over heels for her. He was also protective of her in previous occasions, not from any insults though, but it seems that Amy is not too fond with her life in the spotlight, which is probably why we couldn’t find any pictures of her, but we did find a video where you can see a little bit of Jared Allen’s beautiful girlfriend, check out the video of Amy Johnson below. Maybe someday we will be able to know more of this gal who stole the heart of a Viking.

Amy Johnson Video

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