Robert D. Mirande: Swimming Coach Accused of Sexual Assault (Video)

April 20, 2010

Meet Robert D. Mirande, he was the head coach of the Kansas City Dolphins swim club in Blue Springs, who was recently charged with sexual assault. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out the photos and video below.

Swim Team

Robert D. Mirande was the head coach of the Kansas City Dolphins Swim Club in Blue Springs, Kansas. He was supervised by Aaron Dean and certainly both by the USA Swimming. A 17 year old girl on the swim team recently accused Robert Mirande of giving her alcohol, and allegedly groomed her into a sexual relationship that ended up in an inappropriate sexual contact between 2007 and 2009.

We don’t know the name of the girl, but she claimed that, along with her parents, made a complaint to Aaron Dean, but allegedly nothing really was done.The swimmer got in touch with an attorney Lynn Johnson who is handling her case.

”She couldn’t live with herself” if she didn’t do something to change the ”culture of tolerance” and ”culture of denial. It’s a black eye to swimming. The thing that is very important is that by not investigating and expelling coaches that engage in this conduct, it’s giving a black eye to all the good coaches, and there are many of them.” Lynn Johnson said.

And USA Swimming said that they were investigating for a few months, but more accurate information about this girl’s claims, and since it is such a delicate topic they really have to be very careful about how all the procedures are handled.

"Because we take allegations of coach misconduct very seriously, we have notified local law enforcement authorities," according to an e-mail from the group. "Our top priority remains ensuring the safety of our membership, and in that regard, it is our hope that this case will provide the details we’ve been seeking in order to carry out our review process."  USA Swim Reps Said.

Robert D. Mirande’s alleged inappropriate conduct towards his swimmer was not over, one year after he left Kansas, he allegedly did it again, and the girl told her parents. They made a claim to take Mirande off coaching, Dean got in touch with her parents who confirmed to him what had happened. Robert Mirande left Kansas and Dean left some time after too. And about the girl’s complaint, it got in the hands of Chuck Wielgus, but allegedly nothing was done.

Dean got a position as head coach on the swim team in Virginia and ironically he hired Robert to he his assistant coach. When the girl’s parents found out about Mirande working again they called Chuck Wielgus once again asking him to talk him into allegedly making Robert lose his job, nothing was done immediately, but later on an interview Chuck Wielgus did he said that about 36 swim coaches are banned from coaching again.

Robert D. Mirande and Aaron Dean are being named in the Swimmer’s complaint from Kansas and neither of them are no longer working in Virginia. While Mirande said that he didn’t know about any lawsuit against him being made, Dean on the other hand said he was looking forward to cooperating.

Like these young girls, Deena Schmidt also has told her terrible experiences while she was on the swim team, hopefully there will be no more girls that have to deal with these terrible things in their professional career and lives.Take a look at the photos and video below.

Swim Team photo

Sexual Assault in Swim Team Video

Coaches Banned for Sexual Assaults – Video


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2 Responses to “Robert D. Mirande: Swimming Coach Accused of Sexual Assault (Video)”

  1. 1
    bob Says:

    not true none of it dont bekive it he is an innocent man so just shut up and stop it. delete this stupid sexual abuse post.

  2. 2
    Wrong Says:

    Not true about Aaron Dean not working in VA. He is a coach and General Manager of Occoquan Swimming in Northern VA. He never left his job, even after the team found out about the law suit.