Sharon Osbourne and Implants Plans

April 19, 2010

It seems like the 57 year old with 34DD breasts will be downsizing her chest and has plans to recycle the enhancers. This is what we hear from Sharon Osbourne, and implants will now be used as paperweights! Continue for more bizarre details, and see more photos and a video.

Sharon Osbourne  4

Apparently it was time for this mother to get a couple things off her chest, but not to be wasteful! Of course not! Originally she was going to sell the pair on Ebay, but has since decided her husband would benefit more!

She will be undergoing the reduction this July in Los Angeles and be dropping two cups sizes. This will be a nice weight off Sharon Osbourne, and implants will actually still be present! The latest boob job (which was her THIRD) gave her the size she has now, but she has not been happy with the outcome.

“I wish I’d never had my breasts done the last time. They’ve put these bloody great bags in that are too f***ing round – it’s like a water bed on your chest. I hate my t*ts. I want to have the bags taken out and then I’ll put them up on eBay.”

This comment to New magazine was the first we heard about her regret and her possible intent to sell them. However, it seems now that she has a different and interesting plan for them. Would we expect anything else from her?

“They’re better on his desk than on my chest,” she said. “They’re awful!”

It seems that this is the plan set in stone for Sharon Osbourne and implants that were never quite right. What do you think of this new idea? Let me know in the comment section, and check out these photos and a video below.

Sharon Osbourne  1 Sharon Osbourne  2 Sharon Osbourne  3 Sharon Osbourne  5 Sharon Osbourne  6 Sharon Osbourne  7

Photos:, Jody Cortes, Daniel Deme, Vince Maher

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