Soccer Gay Kiss by Paul Scholes and Gary Neville Photos (Video)

April 19, 2010

Manchester United’s Paul Scholes and Gary Neville recently celebrated their team’s triumph in quite a peculiar way, some referred to it like a Soccer Gay kissing celebration that wasn’t quite appropriate. Keep reading to know more about this story plus take a look at Paul Scholes and Gary Neville’s photos and the Kissy Kissy moment video below.

Gary NevillePaul Scholes

I still don’t get why guys slap each other’s butts when they congratulate each other, baseball players do it all the time and a lot, I mean I wouldn’t slap my friend’s butt after she made a great pie, or for a job well done you know… OMG! Now I’m sounding like the episode in Friends when Chandler didn’t like his boss slapping his butt! But back to the physical contact, maybe after hearing about this story of certain two Manchester United players who did something different to congratulate each other, the slapping on the butt doesn’t sound that bad after all.

This weekend Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes received an intimate and very personal congratulations from his team’s captain Gary Neville, who didn’t just express his happiness by just hugging him, but also kissed him, while holding his face. Maybe it was nothing, and media is just making too much buzz about it and publishing way too many pictures. Paul is happily married to his childhood sweetheart Claire Froggatt they have three gorgeous children. Gary Neville is also married, he tied the knot three years ago with Emma Hadfield they now have two lovely daughters, I suppose their wives didn’t even pay much attention to their husbands’ kiss, like media is referring to it as Soccer Gay Kissing, but I am sure that soccer players will certainly from now on think twice about the way they celebrate their goals, homeruns or whatever they are celebrating.

People are saying that after seeing this Soccer Gay kiss, they thought that it doesn’t look like a normal kiss, that it looks passionate like a kiss with feelings, and making jokes about these two talented Manchester players Paul Scholes and Gary Neville being really United. Take a look at the photos and the Kissing time Video below.

Gary Neville photoPaul Scholes photo

Paul Scholes and Gary Neville Kiss Video.

Photos:, DB, James Nichols

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