Marlon Yates Jr.: Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

April 19, 2010

Shaunie O’Neal is moving on with her life as she has a new man in her life, have you met her boyfriend? His name is Marlon Yates, but he can’t fully enjoy his relationship with Shaunie, why? It seems that hubby Shaquille O’Neal is not too happy about his wife having a boyfriend, so he is allegedly sending death threats to him. Keep reading to know this full story plus take a look at Marlon Yates’ photos and video below.

Shaunie O  Neil 1

Shaunie and Shaq got married in 2002, they have five children; the couple announced their divorce for the second time last November. Since that time we have been hearing of Shaq’s alleged affairs, but Shaunie had it already, this gorgeous lady is ready to move on, she is producing and starring in the VH1 show ‘Basketball Wives’, a show that Shaq is allegedly trying to sabotage, but Shaunie is also starting a new chapter in her romantic life and having a great time in the arms of her new boyfriend, a gorgeous model named Marlon Yates.

But who is sexy Marlon Yates that for now he is only known as Shaunie O’Neil’s boyfriend? Well Marlon Yates Jr. is a 23 year old model and actor from Los Angeles, California, who we first saw at Janice Dickinson’s Modeling Agency Reality Show. He is 6’2” and weighs 180 pounds, very well distributed all over his muscular figure. Marlon was also seen in Keri Wilson’s music video “Slow Dance”.

Marlon met Shaunie last November through mutual friends, and after they started to know each other they started dating. We have seen pictures of them during a vacation at the beach in Maui or at the airport, and I gotta say they look great together! Shaunie is beautiful, Marlon is so hot and the age difference, who cares!! Shaunie is 35 while Marlon is 23 but they look happy and so comfortable with each other.

"He’s very mature, the age thing keeps it fun. The energy level, being out on the beach. He is working out all the time and he inspires me [to work out]. We’ve been hanging out on the beach, swimming, I’ve got a great tan and I’m having a good time.” Said Shaunie about her Man.

Who is not so happy about Shaunie’s boyfriend is Shaquille O’Neal who is allegedly sending some death threats to Marlon, this is not the worst part you guys, wait till you hear this, Shaq questioned his kids about Mommy’s new boyfriend, sometimes (allegedly) the interrogations are so intense that the kids started to get afraid of their dad, who later told the kids to allegedly tell Marlon “My daddy is going to Kill You”.

We hope everything works out for all of them. As for Shaunie O’Neal and her boyfriend, we wish them the best. Take a look at Marlon Yates’ video below.

Photos:, Roger Edelmire

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