Kirsten Kutner: Greg Norman’s Girlfriend (Photos)

April 19, 2010

Meet Kirsten Kutner, she is golf legend Greg Norman’s girlfriend. After a long friendship they finally decided to give love a chance. Would you like to know more about this Aussie lady? Keep reading to know it all plus take a look at Kirsten Kutner’s photos.

Greg Norman

The Australian golf legend, with whom Steve Williams, Tiger Woods’s Caddy once joined, has been married twice and to two Americans. First in 1981 with Laura Andrassy a flight attendant with whom he had two children Gregory and Morgan, they divorced in 2006 and then in 2007 he got married to tennis champ Chris Evert. They divorced last December. Now six months after Greg’s divorce he found love again and it was next to him the whole time, it was his long time Australian friend Kirsten Kutner.

Greg kind of suggested he was in love again in January, but we didn’t know who the lucky lady was until today, but who is this Aussie Gal, who we only know as Kirsten Kutner? Well we don’t know really that much about her, but the little that we do know, we will share it with you. You see Kirsten is an Australian interior designer, she is 41 years old which means that she is 14 years old younger than Greg, who celebrated his 55th birthday on February 10th. She has two children. Friends close to Kirsten describe her as a “Laid Back individual and more grounded”, She has German and Philippine genes in her heritage which explains her stunning good looks, one of my best friends is from the Philippines, she is gorgeous and Kirsten is so beautiful as well. She grew up in Sidney and had lived in Australia most of her life. It wasn’t until she got more into her profession that she traveled all over the world.

It was during one of her trips when she happened to be in Egypt that she reunited with her long time friend Greg Norman, and as good friends who met after quite a time, they were to happy to bump into each other only this time you could really see those sparks between them.

Friends close to them reported Kirsten and Greg’s relationship as two teenagers so madly in love, constantly kissing, looking into each others eyes, and don’t forget holding hands, Ahhhh!!! Those teenage years, do you remember those years?

“Greg can’t take his eyes of Kirsten. They look like they have gotten to know each other very well in a relatively short space of time.”

Kirsten and Greg are currently living together in his beautiful mansion in Jupiter, Florida, and he couldn’t leave out how happy he is right now and how he feels about his girlfriend.

“I am now in a very good place with Kirsten. She grew up in Sydney’s northern suburbs and we are planning to visit Australia this winter.”

I already told you how beautiful she is, she is utterly stunning indeed, and Greg even now that he is on his 55’s something still look very handsome, together they look so great, you can take a look at their picture here. We are happy for them, it was really nice to meet Greg Norman’s girlfriend, what do you think about her?

Photos:, Fayes Vision

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