Ariel Antigua: 5 year old Baseball Player (Video)

April 18, 2010

Meet Ariel Antigua, he is the incredible five year old baseball player who promises to be the next star in Major League Baseball. Keep reading to know more about this amazing child and don’t miss Ariel Antigua’s photos and video below.

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It just so great to write stories about these incredible young talents, and to be able to know them and follow their development is inspiring for many parents that sometimes think that their kids might be too young for certain things, when perhaps they have future star athletes under their own roof. Although there are also the extreme parents that push their kids so much, they ended up missing their entire childhood.

Like this is the case of five year old Ariel Antigua from Lyndhurst, New Jersey. At his young age he can hit 86 to 88 mile per hour fastballs from the pitching machine at The Hot Corner Training Facility in Lyndhurst, where he trains with the training facility’s owner and baseball coach Edwin Ortiz. Ortiz describes young Ariel as one of the most incredible talents he has ever seen in his ten year career. He also said that it is going to be a great pleasure to have him at his facility for the next fifteen to twenty years and see him develop in probably one of the best players around or a phenom, as some media are already amazed by him.

Coach Ortiz talked about how Ariel can pick up a low ball like as if he was a college guy, can pitch and throw left and right side, slide like a total professional and it’s going to be incredible to watch for the rest of his life. Ariel seemed to enjoy playing ball and the challenge it is for him to play with bigger kids and be as good or even better than those kids are.

What do you think about young Ariel Antigua? Do you think that he can make it in the big league? I gotta say I think so, as long as he enjoys training and still has time to do all the things kids at his age do, I would say go for it, by looking at the video below it is really incredible to see his moves and skills like as if he was an older kid and then to realize that he is just five is unbelievable.

I suggest you to take a look at the Amazing Ariel Antigua, this impressive 5 year old baseball player whose skills will surely leave you speechless.

Ariel Antigua Video

Photos: Michael Carpenter

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