Jennifer Viera: Edwin Valero’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

April 19, 2010

Jennifer Viera was Edwin Valero’s wife, in recent news we heard that she was brutally murdered, and who is the main suspect? Keep reading to know this full story plus take a look at Jennifer Viera’s photos and video below.

Jennifer Viera

Jennifer Carolina Viera de Valero was the 24 year old wife of the Venezuelan Welterweight boxer Edwin who was brutally stabbed to death at an Intercontinental Acarigua Hotel room in Valencia, Venezuela, about 155 km from Caracas, and who is the suspect for her murder? Her 28 year old husband Edwin Valero, with whom she arrived on Saturday the 17th at about 11:39 p.m, but then at about 5:30 a.m he went down to the lobby and allegedly confessed to the security staff that he just killed his wife. The hotel staff checked his room and found the lifeless body of Jennifer Viera lying on the floor, they later called the police and found out that she was stabbed three times. It is unsure about the weapon since they didn’t find any, her wounds were not too deep, Edwin was transferred to a local police station in Carabobo where he will wait until police make more investigations.

"Where we are headed to take samples needed for the investigation of the case and to question the boxer”. Said Wilmer Flores police chief from the Venezuelan Federal police Department.

But Jennifer has already been the victim of her husband’s crazy behavior, just last month on March 25th to be exact when he allegedly beat her in cold blood, breaking several ribs which caused pressure to her lung causing it to collapse, she was also bruised and had some cuts. Jen was taken to the hospital Universitario de Los Andes(HULA). When he was questioned about how Jennifer got injured he said that she had fallen down the stairs, claims that Jennifer made, and she never pressed charges.

But the staff in the hospital told police that he had been hostile and a little violent when they told him that they would tell the police that he beat Jennifer. And before this violent episode he was charged with allegedly assaulting his own mother and sister, although charges were dropped he was sent to rehab in a psychiatric hospital San Juan de Dios in Merida.

Last September Jennifer was shot in her leg when two suspects on a motorcycle rode in front of her house, the bullet got in her left thigh and got out on the inner part of her ankle, she also showed an injury on her peroneal muscle, laceration on her thorax and cut on her lips. Sadly while the world was knowing about the sad news of Jennifer’s death, her husband Edwin Valero was taken in a jail in Caeabobo, where at about 1:00 a.m on Monday the 19th he used his own clothes to kill himself, he was found by another inmate who alerted guards. By the time Edwin was taken down he still showed signs of life, but they couldn’t save him

Jennifer and her husband Edwin Valero have two small daughters, our deepest condolences to them and their family and friends though this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Take a look at Jennifer Viera’s photos and video below.

Jennifer Viera photoJennifer Viera picture

Jennifer Viera  Death News Video

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