Silvia Lopez: Pau Gasol’s Girlfriend (Biography)

April 18, 2010

Meet the beautiful Silvia Lopez Castro, she is Los Angeles Lakers’ Pau Gasol’s Girlfriend. Would you like to know more about her? Keep reading to know more about this stunning Espanola plus don’t forget to check out Silvia Lopez’s video below.

Silvia Lopez Castro was born in Barcelona in 1989 so this will make her 21 years old. She is the youngest of three girls in the Lopez family household but her maternal family, the Castros, come from Cataluña where her grandparents, Jose and Remedios Castro still live. She visits every time Quiroga has their annual holidays. Silvia is the youngest of three daughters in the Lopez Castro household, she started practicing gymnastics at a very young age in fact she was just three years old. She also was dancing beautifully as a young girl, after she finished her High School education she got into the National Institute of Physical Education where she got a degree in Physical Education.

Silvia also worked as a gymnast trainer at a local school and joined the cast of the Spanish reality show “Circus” where she remained until the final tryouts before she got eliminated. This sexy Espanola then joined the the cheerleading squad of Spain’s Dream Cheers, who perform at many sports events including Pau’s former team FC Barcelona. It was during the Dream Cheers performances that she met Pau at the 2009 Poland’s Eurobasket where she, along with her Dream Cheer squad performed and Pau happened to be there. Silvia and Pau were first spotted together at the NBA All Star Weekend and again at the L.A Sports Awards where Pau received the L.A Sports Award of the Year.

The lovely couple are currently living together at Pau’s apartment in Manhattan Beach in California where she is studying Nutrition, this beautiful young lady was featured in the T- Bow ads showing many of the functions of its fitness program. Sil’s pictures are wanted by paparazzi and media all over. You might be thinking that they look a bit uneven considering that Silvia is just 5’10” while Pau Gasol is 7’0”, but they look great together, we have never heard of any other of Pau Gasol’s girlfriends, but I gotta say that it is really a pleasure to meet her, some say that she might be his fiancĂ©e, but for now we just know her as his girlfriend.

Take a look at Silvia Lopez’s photos and video below.

Silvia Lopez Castro Video

Silvia Lopez Castro Video

Silvia Lopez Castro Video


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