Vandana Ramprakash: Mark Ramprakash’s Wife

April 18, 2010

Meet Vandana Ramprakash, she is Mark Ramprakash’s wife for almost 17 years, but now more news about this famous couple has surfaced. Keep reading to know the rest of this story and about her life and don’t miss Vandana Ramprakash’s photos and video below.

Mark Ramprakash

Vandana met her soon to be husband the famous English/Indian cricketer when he was at West London for a cricket function, and she was in the same building only at a different party; they began dating and later got engaged. Vandana and Mark Ramprakash got married in 1993 this means they have been married for the last 18 years, they are the proud parents of 12 year old Cara and seven year old Anya. Today 39 year old Vandana and her 40 year old hubby announced they are divorcing.

We first heard of their marriage being in trouble about two years ago, after Mark won the BBC dance show “Strictly come Dancing” along with Karen Hardy, when he confessed to her about his alleged long on/ off affair with a a 27 year old woman Sadia Saleem, a single mother whom he met while he was playing for Middlesex and they were about to face Glamorgan in Cardim. One day he went to a bar in Cardim and allegedly met Saleem.

Vandana even called Sadie, and she apologized to Van who then told her.

‘You don’t need to be sorry. It’s Mark who should be sorry because he’s the one who’s broken his marriage vows.’

The alleged affair finished a few months before Mark told Vandana although they tried to struggle with that, they ended up separating in December 2007. Van and her daughters continue to live in their one million dollar home in Northwood, north West London with Cara and Anya, while Mark visits his young daughters sporadically. About two months they announced they decided they were giving their marriage a second chance and were getting back together.

"Yes, Mark is back home again," she said. "He is still the man I fell in love with. We’ve had a lot of strain put on our relationship, but trying to work through it." Van said.

But now once again they announced they decided to put an end to their 18 year marriage with an amicable divorce for the well being of their beloved daughters.

"They are both sad about this and are agreeing to an amicable parting. Their priority is the well being of their two daughters."

Maybe they will divorce soon, but she will be remembered as Mark Ramprakash elegant and beautiful wife, take a look at Vandana Ramprakash’s video below.

Mark Ramprakash photo

Vandana Ramprakash Video

Photos:, Vince Maher

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