Sonja Morgan is a Real Housewife

April 18, 2010

The Real Housewives of New York welcomed its newest member Sonja Morgan to the show on Thursday. The ladies welcomed the new addition into their exclusive circle with a little love and a little drama, of course. The new addition is actually the ex-wife of the heir of J.P. Morgan, founder of the New York bank. Check out the full story, with pictures and video below!

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The newest addition to the show was actually slated to be a part of its original cast. When approached with the offer, she declined citing her recent divorce.

She said, “The show had reached out to me, but I was too chicken. I was freshly divorced,”

But while watching the show and seeing how each of the women were growing, she decided she wanted in!

“I saw how well the girls were doing and they were blossoming. LuAnn and Ramona were totally renewed. I even saw Alex metamorphosing,” she said. “They’re having fun, writing books, making appearances. I wanted to do that.”

Sonja Morgan, aside from her money and connections, brings some interesting facets to the show. She fancies herself as a chef and a writer, exclaiming that she began writing her screenplay as soon as she split with her ex-hubby.

“I’m on the show to have a good time and commercialize myself… I’ve been writing my screenplay since the minute my divorce started. It’s very sexy, sort of like a Candace Bushnell society novel.”

And she would know how to write sexy according to co-star LuAnn de Lesseps who describes her as a “sexy pistol.” Now that’s she’s joined the Real Housewives, she can spend some time catching up with old friends as well. Apparently, she has known Ramona Singer since their earlier years.

“Ramona and I knew each other when we were single – working out together on 61st Street – when we bought our first apartments, first fur coats (back then it wasn’t so bad). Then we both got married and had children,”

Well, this “sexy pistol” is certainly a good add to a dynamic cast. Only time will tell if she can meld well with the other co-stars!

Do you like the addition of Sonja Morgan to the Real Housewives of NYC? Tell me why or why not in the comment section!

Also, check out the pictures and video below!

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Photos: Schlein, Joseph Marzullo, Andres Otero, Andres Otero

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