Store Pulls Padded Bikini: Kids Scandal

April 17, 2010

This story is just crazy! After much criticism and urging, a UK store pulls padded bikini: kid’s size! Primark department stores will no longer sell a bathing suit that makes girl under age 10 look developed. Continue reading for more about this below the photo, including a video.


The tops were made for girls from ages seven to eight and have enough padding to make it appear as though they have breasts. Obviously this has caused an uproar and many people are speaking and acting out against it.

From politicians to child protection workers, and news reporters to parents, it looks like everyone is outraged by this. David Cameron, a candidate for British Prime Minister in the upcoming election, said the product was “disgraceful” but was happy with Primark’s decision.

“I’m delighted that they’ve taken the decision to withdraw this product because we do need a more responsible society.”

As the store pulls padded bikini, kids will hopefully learn that there is way too much focus on social pressures and that they should focus on more positive avenues.

Penny Nicholls, a director at The Children’s Society, said:

“We know from our research that commercial pressures towards premature sexualisation and unprincipled advertising are damaging children’s well-being.”

Shy Keenan from the Phoenix Chief Advocates was also upset, but again happy with the company’s final decision.

“It never fails to amaze me just how many High Street household names are now prepared to exploit the disgusting ‘pedophile pound.'” He then ended with, “We could not have asked for a better outcome.”

There has been so much effort put into teaching young people the right ways and every time it seems that there is another bigger and crazier commercial idea that leads them the wrong way. I know some will (and have) probably made this a little bigger than it needed to be, but it’s all for good reason.

Hopefully more people will see as this store pulls padded bikini, kids are very impressionable and things like this shouldn’t be acceptable. Let me know what you think of this story, and check out the video below.

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