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April 17, 2010

Joining the “brave” new trend, kind of, the controversial pop icon has released pictures from her latest shoot without the aid of photoshop. Spears’ untouched photos were released after the retouched versions, and have the unique ability to be compared side-by-side to the photo-shopped copies to show people how much really changes with a little digital re-touching. Check out the full story, with pictures and video below!

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The move is part of a new trend among celebrities and models that embraces au-naturale beauty. Although Britney wasn’t quite as brave as Jessica Simpson. Jessica graced the cover the Marie Claire with a close-up no make-up photo. Brave!

And while there is now some controversy as to whether she had a dash of mascara on, but that’s unfounded for now. The former singer said of the shoot:

“Look at the cover — you can tell! My nose has been broken a couple of times. If you look at a retouched cover of me and you look at the Marie Claire cover, you can see there’s a big difference.”

That’s true. And I think it’s an awesome trend that’s inspiring a little honesty and bringing Hollywood back down to earth a smidge. Spears’ untouched photos reveal the pop star’s butt and legs are a little more ample than shown in her catalogues, but other than that and some complexion adjustments, she’s not all that fake at this point!

Talking about her shoot, Britney was excited about her outfits:

“I got to wear the cutest clothes and they are perfect for summer,” she said to the press. “My favourite set-up was against the gigantic wall of pink cotton candy”

The move is attracting a positive reaction from the industry. Kendra Wilkinson, host of The Girls Next Door spin-off Kendra on E!, was impressed with the no-photoshop move.

“I really love that Britney Spears came out with the pre photoshoppics…I might do that too hahahahaha..scary!!!” She continued, “sometimes we just take the pics n don’t know what the mags n stuff do to the pics till they come”

Will we soon see all of our favorite stars as they really are? I think it would be awesome!

On the other side of the argument, some feminists are saying that such a paltry move as going without photoshop in a magazine distracting women from real gender issues such as equal pay, domestic violence and federal representation.

However you look at it, at least it’s a break from the norm of fake women setting unrealistic standards for the youth of America! Would you like to see more stars following the lead of Britney and Jessica? Let me know in the comments section!

Check out the pictures of Britney below, and see the video of Spears’ untouched photos as well. For more, on her new pics, go here!

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Photos:, KOKOPIX

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