Fanged Leech: Girl’s Nose for Breakfast

April 15, 2010

A new species of blood-suckers has been found that can be added to the list of horrible creatures that will haunt your nightmares at night. This one’s a giant-fanged leech, and “girl’s nose” is the reported place they found it. Check out the full story and a video below the photo!

Leech 1

The scientific name given to this newly established species is, unbelievably, Tyrannobdella which means “Tyrant Leech King.” It was found lodged in a nostril of a young lady who was swimming in a river in the Amazon.

The scientists studying the new monster, which is only 2 inches long, were stunned by the relative size of it’s aptly described “ferociously large teeth.” With teeth 5 times the size of other blood-suckers, the scientists said “Their teeth are big and these things hurt.” I think that kind of goes without saying.

Anna Phillips, a graduate student who was an author of the study said:

“Because of our analysis of morphology and DNA, we think that Tyrannobdella rex is most closely related to another… that gets into the mouths of livestock in Mexico. We think the leech could feed on aquatic mammals, from their noses and mouths for example, where they could stay for weeks at a time.”

Yet another reason to fear the new leech. Girl’s noses aren’t the only place it likes to feed. It will eagerly latch on to any orifice for weeks at a time.

“We named it Tyrannobdella rex because of its enormous teeth,” explained Mark Siddall, a curator who worked on the project. He continued:

“Besides, the earliest species in this family of these leeches no-doubt shared an environment with dinosaurs about 200 million years ago when some ancestor of our T. rex may have been up that other T. rex’s nose”

Well, I think the obvious lesson here is to never go swimming ever again. Or maybe just not in South American rivers. What do you think of this mortifying new species? Will you think twice now before swimming in a river? Let me know in the comment section!

Also, check out a video of an equally terrifying giant leech below!

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