Jerry Blash: Milledgeville Police Officer

April 15, 2010

Meet Sergeant Jerry Blash, he is the police officer who took care of Ben Roethlisberger’s sexual assault case. Would you like to know some interesting news about him? Keep reading to find out more about him plus take a look at Jerry Blash’s photos and video below.

Jerry Blash

Milledgeville Police officer Sergeant Jerry Blash was the one who took over Ben Roethlisberger Sexual Assault case investigation, he was the same cop who was photographed next to Big Ben before taking care of the investigation, you do remember those pictures right? I also remember that somewhere I saw that it was more than one police officer who took their picture with the famous Steelers quarterback. Do you remember hearing that?

Although Milledgeville Police Chief Woodrow Blue said that sergeant Jerry Blash and his pictures with Big Ben had nothing to do with the investigation which in fact was immediately handed into the GBI and the Police Department detectives, but many wonder why is it that Sergeant Jerry Blash didn’t write down Ben’s name in the first complaint the night of the incident.

That it is weird, Police Chief Blue commented about that saying that the procedure of not taking the name on the initial report is “Not Unusual”. He added that the pictures were taken many hours before the incident, some of them were off duty, and it was just Jerry who indeed took his picture with Ben, the only one involved in the investigation, but his involvement was beyond just filing a complaint, the thing is that Jerry Blash referred to Ben Roethlisberger’s accuser in a profane manner and that she was drunk, he also told her that Ben was a major NFL star with tons of $$ and she would be wasting her time if she tried to press any charges against him.

Which is why Sergeant Jerry Blash resigned from his job on Wednesday April 14th, that is how Chief Woodrow Blur was informed. Sources are rumoring that Blash was forced to resign, he was told either resign or get fired, he finally quit after 8 years on the force.

“He no longer is an employee here. His actions that night were consistent with our policies and procedures,” Chief Woodrow Blue said.

Eight years is quite a significant period of time, for this Milledgeville Police Officer, I wonder what he will do moving forward. Check out Jerry Blash’s photos and video below.

Jerry Blash photo

Milledgeville Police Officer Video

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