Arfat Fadel: Javon Walker’s Attacker (Photos, Video)

April 15, 2010

Meet Arfat Fadel, he is one of the men who attacked and robbed former Raider’s wide receiver Javon Walker. Would you like to know more about him? Keep reading to know more details about this bad guy and take a look at Arfat Fadel’s photos and video below.

Arfat Fadel

Arfat Abdo Fadel is the 32 year old guy who along with Deshawn Thomas, kidnapped, beat and robbed former Oakland Raiders’ wide receiver, now free agent Javon Walker. The attack occurred on June 16, 2008 in Las Vegas.

It was reported that Arfat and the other suspect identified as 42 year old Deshawn Lamont Thomas were spotted at the same clubs and casinos Javon was partying in Las Vegas.

Arfat and Deshawn saw that Javon was drunk, so when he stepped out of the casino he was invited to get in the Range Rover that Arfat was driving, we know that he was driving because Javon identified him as the driver of the vehicle.

Javon said Arfat and Deshawn took him to his hotel’s room in the Bellagio where they allegedly robbed him and beat him, the weird part is that surveillance cameras showed an image of him walking perfectly healthy. But still if that was not the order of the events, they still robbed and beat him, which is exactly what Arfat pleaded guilty for, the charges are stealing about $4,000 in cash, $100,000 in jewelry and about $4,000 in casino chips.

Fadel already has a criminal record in several states and if you add this last felony which can put him in jail for about 2 to 15 years for second degree kidnapping, robbery plus 1 to 6 years for conspiracy, he was first charged with first degree kidnapping but perhaps the videos and witnesses who saw that Javon got in the car by himself and that he was cooperating with the case help prosecutors change it to a second degree felony. Arfat was arrested in Clark County Jail where he pleaded guilty, his sentence might be changed if he agreed to testify against Deshawn who is the one who organized the crime and who is charged in first degree felonies, was arrested in Las Vegas after he was involved in a case that included child abuse, kidnapping and pandering. His trial started on Tuesday April 13th and the trial for the child abuse, pandering charges will be in May. If Deshawn is found guilty he could be spend the rest of his life behind bars, while Arfat’s sentence in schedule to June 28th.

We will keep you informed about Javon Walker’s second attacker, for the moment take a look at Arfat Fadel’s photo and video below.

Arfat Fadel photo


Arfat Fadel Video

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