Marlins Will Soar: Florida Marlins Tribute Song Video (photos)

April 15, 2010

The Florida Marlins have a new Tribute Song, performed by a famous alternative rock singer, but we heard people are not so happy about it. Do you know who is singing? Why is it that people do not like the song? Keep reading to know it all about this story plus check out the photos and the Marlins Will Soar music video below.

Marlins Will Soar

With the Major League Baseball season already here, fans are dusting off their team jerseys, hats, and their best tribute items they love to use to support their teams, and the Florida Marlins prepare to give their fans a surprise.

At first the Marlins’ tribute song was named “You will soar for the Marlins” but later got its title changed to “Marlins will Soar” performed by Alternative rock band “Creed” lead singer Scott Stapp, who is totally hot, and his voice is beyond words. But somehow in the Marlins tribute song, it didn’t quite give fans what they were expecting from a a great singer like Stapp, or the Lyrics which they also expressed to not liking, wait!!! Actually they said they hate it.

I have heard Scott singing the National Anthem at a Vikings vs. Green Bay’s game and recently at the Marlins game on April 10th, I gotta say he totally rocks!! And that new haircut, the guy couldn’t look any hotter and Yummy!

But fans were certainly not happy about the Florida Marlins tribute Song “Marlins Will Soar” performed by Stapp, comments about it are really very harsh, some even said Scott changed baseball and others also said that he can really ruin everything and that the song is plagiarism, others really were astonished about the lyrics adding that he really changed Baseball.

He got those kind of comments again when he sang “God Bess America” at the 2004 World Series and today Marlins fans are really upset about the so called Florida Marlins tribute song, I don’t know but maybe “Marlins Will Soar” will not be such a hit, right? Take a look at the photos here and listen to the videos below and tell me what do you think about it.

Marlins Will Soar  photoMarlins Will Soar picture

Marlins Will Soar Video

Scott Stapp’s National Anthem at a Marlins Game


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