Marlene McAlister: Chris McAlister’s Wife

April 15, 2010

Meet Marlene McAlister, she is the beautiful wife of Former Baltimore Ravens’ cornerback, who recently is a free agent. Have you heard anything about Chris’ wife? Is their marriage in the middle of a crisis? Is a nasty divorce on the horizon? Keep reading to know more about the Mrs. plus check out some of Marlene McAlister’s photos and video below.

Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister and his wife Marlene got married about 13 months ago, Marlene gave birth to their daughter four months ago, but sadly Daddy Chris wasn’t there to witness the magical event, why was he out of town with the Ravens?

Well nope that was not it, accordingly to Marlene when she gave Chris the news that they will be parents, Chris allegedly demanded that she get an abortion. We can’t be sure if she sort of knew he was not into having kids yet, but she said that at the time Chris allegedly told her about the abortion she was in the fourth month of her pregnancy.

Marlene claimed that after she refused to get the abortion that led to a dispute between them and subsequently Chris threw her out of their house. She never got back together with him, in fact she said that Chris allegedly disappeared from her life since September 2009.

She gave birth to a beautiful daughter in February 2009, but Chris never has given her any money for their daughter’s doctors, nutrition, clothes or any expenses whatsoever. She tried to get help from the court and Chris started to pay, but then he stopped which is why she has filed for her divorce papers on Wednesday, April 14th at a L.A County Superior Court. She demands for Chris to pay the money he was supposed to give her and her daughter’s full custody, although she is willing to allow Chris to see his daughter, but only when supervised due to his angry behavior. So the question again is do you think this divorce is going to get ugly? Well for now there are no drugs or affairs involved, although he allegedly asked her to get an abortion, and that ain’t pretty either, I guess we will have to wait for Chris’ response and see how this whole thing ends up.

Chris was a Baltimore Raven since 1999, he was named Rookie of the Year in 1999, Super Bowl Champion with the Ravens at Super Bowl XXXV, signed with the New Orleans Saints in November 2009, but was released from the team in December, now he is a free agent.

Take a look at the video below.

Chris McAlister Video

Photo: Donohue

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