Palin & Contract Controversy

April 14, 2010

Controversy has erupted at California State University over a document found in a trash can regarding the payment of Sarah Palin & contracts she signed for her future appearance at the gala celebrating the university’s 50th anniversary. CSU’s non-profit foundation entity, Stanislaus Foundation, was in charge of hiring the former Vice President candidate but apparently did not disclose the full, illustrious terms of the contract conditions. Check out the full story below!

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The University is holding the gala in commemoration of its 50th anniversary, and with the former Alaskan governor speaking the tickets are selling for $500 a piece. For previous speaking engagements, she has charged in up to $100,000.

The documents in question were found by a group of students in a trash can outside of the campus administration building. The students had intended on going inside and investigating after an anonymous tip told them that documents were being shredded inside the office when the building was supposed to be empty. When they found the building locked, they diligently searched the trash cans outside and, with a lucky break, found the documents from the aids of Sarah Palin & Contract conditions that she was exacting upon the university for her appearance.

Apparently, one of the un-shredded items stipulated the type of transport the former gov. would need. The details included no less than 2 bottles of fresh water, bendable straws, and if not first-class seating:

“the private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger …,”

Attorney General Jerry Brown said that his office would be investigating CSU’s finances as a result of the find.

“This is not about Sarah Palin. The issues are public disclosure and financial accountability in organizations embedded in state-run universities.”

In a move to smooth things over, the Stanislaus Foundation’s president told the press that the speaker’s fees will be covered entirely by private donations.

CSU will have their hands full clearing their name due to the curious circumstances surrounding their agreement with Sarah Palin & contracts that were found in the trash can. What do you think of the secretive conditions of the agreements with the governor? Was this a shady deal, or just a standard procedure? Let me know in the comments section!

Also, check out the pictures and video below!

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