Alex Rodriguez Gotham Magazine Cover Photos (Video).

April 13, 2010

New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez is on the May edition of Gotham Magazine. He revealed some interesting things about him you probably don’t know. Keep reading to know about A-Rod’s photoshoot with Gotham Mag plus take a look at his photos and Video below.

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On his recent appearance on Gotham Magazine Alex Rodriguez tells us how much of a New Yorker he thinks of himself. After all he’s been a Yankee for the last six years, but he was with the Seattle Mariners for six years as well, so we wonder where does he like it better New York or Seattle?

"I do feel like a New Yorker, even more in the past four months, People in New York are so honest. But I think they understand everything I’ve been through. I’ve been here seven years and I feel like I’ve only gotten to know 30 or 40 percent of the city," Said Alex Rodriguez.

Alex also revealed something about him that we really  didn’t even imagine, things like he is a terrible chef. Most athletes are just into sports, cars and those kinds of things, Alex on the other hand loves art, going to Museum and as the New Yorker inside him, he loves the Mets. And finally the athlete side of him came out, Alex loves to spend a lot of time at the gym, he actually had one gym in Mexico and would love to  open more and give as a role model like many other athletes would like to encourage the importance of health and exercise since early age.

"It’s part of my current and post-career goals to go around the US and abroad and spread the word about health and fitness. Nutrition and balanced diets start at a young age."

As a role model of many young kids, the news about those illegal substances and  Doctor Anthony Galea came out, but he was very cooperative with the investigation, and going back with Alex cover with Gotham Magazine I have to say that he looked so handsome in that plaid shirt. You can get your copy of Gotham Magazine featuring one of your favorite Yankees, Alex A-Rod Rodriguez on newsstands next month, now take a look at the photos and video below.

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Alex Rodriguez Video.

Photos: SharpShooter, flashpoint, Michael Carpenter.

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