Kayden Nguyen: Steven Seagal’s Accuser (Photos, Video)

July 14, 2010

Meet Kayden Nguyenm, Steven Seagal’s sexual assault accuser. Keep reading to know more about her plus take a look at Kayden Nguyen’s photos and video below.

Steven Seagal Accuser

****UPDATE 7/14/10*****

Looks like a lucky break for Steven Seagal. Legal camp for Kayden Nguyen have dropped the case against the ‘Under Siege’ actor. Hmmm. Settlement maybe? Nothing’s been confirmed.

And back to the original story below….

Kayden Nguyen is a 23 years old former model and an ABA therapist who has been working in order to pay her bills since she was 18. She was hired on February by Steven Seagal’s company, after she responded to an ad for an opening as a executive assistant, posted on Graiglist, Kayden sent her resume with her picture on it.

After a few days she was asked to show up for an interview, where she was told what they expected from her if she took the job. The boss showed up and told her to pack her bag in order to join him and the crew of his new show “Steven Seagal Lawman” for a private trip to New Orleans.

She packed her things, everything seemed normal and Kayden thought that she was so lucky to got the job. Sadly she was about to change her mind and not in most pleasant and pretty way. She claims that as soon as they set foot in New Orleans she was taken to an isolated house where she found out what her job really expected from her, she said that she was hired as Steven’s alleged sex toy. She actually met two other “Assistants” of Steven’s from Russia, who were allegedly meant to be ready for any sexual request Steven’s ask them to anytime, anywhere, I mean 24/7, like some sorts of sex slaves, it was from them that Kayden allegedly also found out that it was some of this “assistants” whose position she was taking over. Worst of all its that Steven Seagal’s wife was allegedly staying at that house too, but we are not sure if she knew about it, Steven told her that his wife wouldn’t mind, but again that can also be false.

But Kayden Nguyen was about to witness her first experience as Steven Seagal’s “Executive Assistant” when her real job requested were demanded by her boss, who put his hands under her skirt, grabbed her breast and pull her head  into his bare chest, (Disgusting!!), that night she was sexually and physically assaulted by him, as she recalled him telling her.

“Relax, We Wont do anything special tonight. I’ll save that for another night. Remember confidentiality, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone, including your family anything about me”.

She was allegedly sexually and physically assaulted once again the next day and this time he force her to take what it appeared to be like illegal medicine he got from Tibet. But her nightmare was not over,she was allegedly assaulted one third time again and he wouldn’t let her out of his house now in L.A so she made up a story about meeting some family, and if she didn’t showed up they might be worried, so she called a cab.

When the cab showed up, she immediately got in followed by Seagal who was pointing a gun and a flashlight at her, she never came back, but she left all of her personal belongings there most of them worth a lot of money, she was told that if she didn’t sign a statement where she promise not to sue, she would not get anything back, and she still hasn’t.

Kayden Nguyen is suing Steven Seagal for the following: Illegal Trafficking of Females for Sex, sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Failure to prevent harassment, False representation about employment, wrongful determination of public policy. and how much $$ is she asking $1.000.000.

This sounds more like a horror movie than real life. If she is telling the truth, it is really terrible that she had to go through this sad experience, we will be watching for more news about Kayden Nguyen, the young woman who now is known as Steven Seagal’s accuser. Take a look at the photos and video below.

Steven Seagal Accuser photoSteven Seagal Accuser picture

Photos: www.WENN.com/ Apega, Stephanie Methven, Cherokee Michaels.

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