America Ferrera: New Project

April 12, 2010

After ABC cancelled ‘Ugly Betty’ many wondered what would happen the star America Ferrera. New projects are already on the horizon, however, and it seems that her career is doing just fine. See more below including more photos and a great video.

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Now that her work with the show is over, she is actually looking forward to a little time off, but also has some great opportunities on the horizon. Other than a new movie, the latest news is that she will produce a TV show by Ben Silverman that puts a modern day twist on a “Romeo & Juliet” type story. And the ideas are pretty creative!

It seems that the ‘Ugly Betty’ show was dropping in the rating for a little while and it was not profitable to continue the series. And even though this actress was aware of the situation and didn’t see it as a big surprise she says she is going out on a good note.

“Critics and our audience were very pleased with what was happening this season. It’s nice to at least go out when we found a nice creative place rather than going out when it wasn’t working creatively.”

As for America Ferrera’s new project at hand, it could be a great boost for her work. The premise behind the show called ‘Pedro & Maria’ is that it will be bilingual and interactive. Basically fans will be able to vote and/or suggest plot turns and story ideas. They apparently will be able to do this via the web, on such sites as Facebook and Twitter.

The venture with Silverman is still in the formulating stages and as of yet there are no decisions on cast or production timelines. MTV announced this project and Proctor & Gamble is said to be partnering with the show.

It does sound interesting at the very least! Tell me what you think of America Ferrera’s new project in the comment section. Also check out these pictures, and watch the video from her on Ellen below.

America Ferrera  2 America Ferrera  3 America Ferrera  4 America Ferrera  5 America Ferrera  6 America Ferrera  7

Photos: Miller, Apega, Andres Otero, JDH/JCP

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