Merilee Gerth: Jesse James Alleged Fifth Mistress (photos, Video)

April 12, 2010

Meet Merilee Gerth she is Jesse James alleged mistress number five who recently became public. She claims to have some very interesting graphic emails and may be hiring Gloria Allred! Keep reading to know the rest of this story plus take a look at the photos and video below.

Jesse James Mistress

Merilee Gerth is the fifth a mistress that has come public about their alleged affairs with West Coach choppers owner and still husband of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

Merilee Gerth is a former employee from West Coast Choppers, so their alleged affair started while she was working with Jesse, but then she ended their affair  sometime around 2007. Not long after that Jesse fired her, which is why she decided to hired Gloria Allred, I wonder how we didn’t hear about this before, maybe it was because since Merilee has proof about their affair, they settled down on an agreement before things got ugly, and by proof I mean those graphic emails I was telling you before and by uglier I mean.. well, you can get the picture about that, we have seen far too many affairs go from ugly to nasty in a second.

Now lets see this new mistress, she is in her 30’s, long black hair, blue eyes, she has her pale skin covered with tattoos and is the mother of  two children, we really don’t know the ages or the anything about her kids.

Before she got her job in West Coast she used to be a dancer in Pacers a club in San Diego; I have to say that this new alleged mistress of Jesse James sounded a lot like another alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, and like mistress number four, who also hired Gloria Allred. Can we see a Jesse James fetish here? Perhaps,  maybe its just the kind of woman that would actually agree to such thing, I mean Jesse James was way too lucky to get a woman like Sandra Bullock into his crazy life, but what do you think?

And now what you were dying to see the famous graphic emails, that were send between December, 2006 and January, 2007.

JJ- "When are you gonna be back?"
MG – "Noon…..or if you want I can go later today after you leave for Laughlin. Want me to resched?"
JJ – "Naaw isss ok just get no love anymore……"

JJ – "I’m cold!"
MG – "Do you want me to bring you a heater? I have one in my office you can use. It isn’t the best heater… but it helps."
JJ – "My heat is on……"
MG – "I put it outside of your office door. Plug it in and put it under your desk."
JJ – "You coulda came in……you can keep it you need it more than I do……..I’m juss being a baby."
MG- "You have a ‘do not disturb’ sign up on your door."
JJ – "So"
MG – "So I’m not disturbing you!"
JJ – "You might be…..but you’ve seen it before."

JJ – "In a meeting?"
MG – "No…I’m done."
JJ – "Need anything before I split?….."
MG – "Some tums."
JJ – "I have some special fluid that you can drink and i t makes it all better…."

And you might wondering who was the person who revealed the juicy details. Well we are not sure we just know it is a “friend”, well it sounds like this so called “friend” worked at West Coast as well or was really close to Merilee, because “friend” also said that Jesse had many Nazi things on his office, from movies to an actual uniform. Would it be possible that this items were also gift from that friend who also gave him the hat, Jesse showed the world in that Neo Nazi Picture we saw a few days ago?

Well with this gal, we have five out of seven alleged mistresses that Jesse actually admitted to his wife, and now you can take a look at the photos and video below.

Jesse James Mistress photo 1Jesse James Mistress picture

Photos:, Hugh Dillon, James Randall.

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