Facebook Voter Registration

April 11, 2010

Influence of the hugely popular networking site is spreading further into politics with the advent of a Facebook voter registration app in both the USA and the UK. While the app itself is revolutionary, it’s the demographic it reaches that is the key issue for politicians to consider. Check out the full story, as well as a video below!


President Obama set himself apart in the US election with the help of the internet, which enabled him to reach and connect with younger demographics. He often tweeted during his campaign and once in office revamped the archaic whitehouse.gov website to be much more user friendly.

In short, the internet is already a huge medium for campaigning in the US and the UK, and with the new Facebook voter registration app, it’s growing even further.

The interesting thing about the new app is the extremely simplistic way that it’s recruiting results can be projected. Take U.S. politics for example. President Obama currently has over 8 Million fans, and his former republican rival John McCain has just over 500,000. Therefore, any recruitment by the app would generally follow this voting ratio. Obviously, there’s no way to factor in all variables, but at a glance this is what you can take away from it.

Richard Allen, director of Policy on the site, says:

“One of the strengths we have is to try and capture that group, particularly the 18-24 year-old voters, who have often not turned out to vote, and use the fact that many of the things on Facebook are familiar to them to get them engaged.”

The U.S. election is over though. An immediate application for this application is the impending UK elections on May 6. Incumbent Prime Minister Gordon Brown appears to have just over 3,000 fans, while Tory challenger David Cameron has over 20,000. Hardly enough fans to rival an American candidate, but maybe enough to tip a tight election? We’ll see!

If the Facebook voter registration drive is successful and manages to recruit high numbers, there’s no doubt we’ll see a much larger focus campaigning through these social mediums in the future.

Do you think this app will have notable implications for Politicians? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!

Also, check out the video below!

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