Kwame James: Shoe Bomber Stopper (Biography)

April 10, 2010

Meet Kwame James he is the Basketball player from Trinidad and Tobago, who fight against a terrorist in France, he recently became a U.S citizen after 1o years of struggle. Keep reading to know all about this hero plus take a look at Kwame James’ photos and video below.

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Kwame James was Born in Scarborough, Ontario in Canada, he later moved to Tinidad in Tobago where he studied  kindergarten and his father Augustus James was a economist for the government while his mother Carole worked with the United Nations, at age 13 years old he moved to the United States at first just to spend a few weeks with his aunt Pat, but when he discover basketball and his family saw what he could give they decided that he could have more opportunity in the States where he studied at Lawrence North High School, he late went to Evansville University in Indianapolis where he played on Evansville’s basketball team the Purple. He graduated in 2000 from Evansville with a degree in International al business, but he was in love with basketball, so h tried to pursued his basketball career, he chose to played in Argentina, Switzerland  between 2000 and 2001, he got a deal with AS Bondy a “B” League basketball team in France.

At France he felt home sick and missed his girlfriend Jill Clements, so he was planning on Christmas to fly to the U.S, pick up Jill and together spend the holidays with his family in Trinidad in Tobago, but to take that long flight from France to the U.S require a lot of strength for him, just picture at that time 23 years old Kwame a  6’8” guy flying in coach class during over a 8 hours flight, so his technique to handle that flight was to don’t sleep the night before so he could he  pretty much out for the entire flight.

And that it was on December 22, 2001 at the American Airlines flight 63 departing from France to Miami, on board there were over 197 people from all over the world including Richard Reid, after the plane took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in France on their way to Miami International Airport.

90 minutes after their takeoff Kwam was awaken by the flight attendant, who said

"We need your help in the back! Now!"

He walked with her a couple of rows to row 29 to be precise in the back where he found some passengers wrestling with Richard Reid who at the time was been restrained while he was screaming something in Arabic; Reid who was also a big guy had a bomb on his shoes, Kwame hold Reid who was subsequently tied him up with belts and cords and later some doctors who were among the passengers sedated him, but stood awake, with Kwame guarding him until they land in Boston about 7 hours later.

A few years after the attack on AA flight 63, he was living in the U.S not without having to  struggle with the United States government who said they would give him legal document so he could live in the U.S, but after a while he never heard of the one promise immigration had agreed to give him, but then Michael Wildes appeared he reach at that time Senator Hillary Clinton to help James, meantime he got him a visa so he could play basketball.

He joined the a minor league team the Brooklyn Kings, he got married to his long time girlfriend Jill, and he obtain his residency, and started to apply for a citizenship.

Now Kwam is 32, he is married to Jill and they have two children, a friend  help him get a job in Atlanta after he was laid off of a job in Pfizer as a sales representative.

After 10 years Kwame James became a U.S citizen, he is no longer playing professional basketball, but he still practices it, he also takes part times jobs as a substitute teacher, and do you know what else he is looking forward to do now as a U.S citizen, “VOTE”.

"I became a citizen of one of the best countries in the world and I am very happy," he said. "All the things that people come here for, that’s what I’m here for, the opportunity. You can come from nothing and become something here, just through hard work, I can’t wait to vote in the next election."

He is truly a remarkable man, a role model and a true U.S Citizen Hero, Take a look at Kwame James’ photos below.

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