Are You Hot? You’re Hired!

January 29, 2008

Sure, the Super Bowl is the creme de la creme, but with it comes all the partying and nightlife leading up to the big game on Sunday. Gorgeous women galore will grace VIP parties, red carpets, etcetera. So, if you’re a bevy beauty, you could get hired just on your looks alone…to the tune of $25 to $50 an hour. Over 1000 women from Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles have been hired to show up at Super Bowl parties throughout the Phoenix area this week.

Casting calls started back in July, where women were vying for spots to work as hostesses, models, go-go dancers, product reps, and celebrity liaisons. Heh.

Arianna Brugh, a 21-year-old architecture student at Arizona State University, is one of the many hired hotties. She was recently voted hottest girl on campus by College Affair magazine.

Jenny Stathos is a 20-year-old Arizona State University student and will be in attendance at the Super Thursday P. Diddy concert as well as the Nick Lachey/Jimmie Johnson party at the swanky Axis/Radius in Scottsdale.

More photos of hotties below.

Phong Nguyen is 27 years old and works full time as a promotional model. She has worked at events such as the MTV Video Awards in Las Vegas, parties at the Playboy Mansion, and was one of the swimsuit models at Matt Leinart’s birthday bash last spring at the uber cool Mondrian Scottsdale.

As a hired hottie, you need to follow some ground rules:

  • Don’t get drunk.
  • Don’t eat.
  • Don’t carry a cell phone.
  • Don’t do anything unethical.
  • Don’t leave the party until the time agreed upon.
  • Sheesh, with all those rules, it certainly doesn’t sound like a fun time to me…

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