Saginaw Cheerleaders’ Urine in Drinks (Video)

April 9, 2010

This news just makes me sick, but someone has to give you the news, even gross news like this. A Cheerleader from Saginaw High School put urine on their friends drinks…Prank? I don’t think so, but keep reading to know this full story and don’t miss the photos and video below.

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Saginaw High School in Saginaw, Texas, has a Cheerleading squad called The StarSteppers. The squad is actually the POM National Champions and they were also the 2008 State Champions. The SHS StarSteppers perform in Saginaw’s basketball, football and varsity games as well as they they take part in socials event in Saginaw.

For being such a important and public figures in Saginaw it is a real shame that some of this girls in the cheerleading squad got involved in such a shady incident. And it was not an April Fool’s Day Prank, or if they intended to be it was not a nice one, especially when they were punished for it.

It all happened last March when a group of cheerleaders decided it would be fun to add urine to their teammates’ drinks. It was reported that when some of the girls that had the misfortune of tasting the drinks and asked why they tasted so funny, they were told that it was because the drinks were mix with tart candy.

We are not sure of the names of the cheerleaders or how many there were, but so far we know that after they began to tell others about what they thought as a funny prank, their secret was no longer classified and is got into the Campus officials’ ears who began investigating the gross incident.

What was the punishment the cheerleaders received? It was reported that two of them were expelled from the school and from the cheerleading squad. I assume these two girls were the main girls responsible for the incident and the other girls received a much less harder punishment. We would think of these other girls as their accomplices, all of the girls who were expelled from cheerleading this year might be returning next year though.

But the punishment for these ladies is not over. It appears that the cheerleading constitution has more procedures that have to be done or so it is described on their code.

The cheerleading constitution states that team members could be removed if they are expelled, placed at the Alternative Discipline Center, assigned to in-school suspension more than once or suspended more than once. The district’s student code of conduct allows administrators to take into account a student’s discipline history and other factors when deciding punishment.

"Discipline will be correlated to the seriousness of the offense, the student’s age and grade level, the frequency of misbehavior, the student’s attitude, the effect of the misconduct on the school environment, and statutory requirements, students who engage in conduct that would be punishable as a felony must be assigned to the district’s Disciplinary Alternative Education Program”.

Parents expect these girls receive a much severe punishment and this is not the first time students put some illicit ingredients in drinks or food last year student messed with teachers. We will keep you informed on more news about this case, meanwhile take a look at the photos and video below.

Cheerleaders Urine in Soda picCheerleaders Urine In Soda photoCheerleaders Urine in Soda picture

Saginaw Cheerleaders Urine in Drinks Video.


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One Response to “Saginaw Cheerleaders’ Urine in Drinks (Video)”

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    Bre Says:

    Hi!Well, i would like to inform you that the cheerleading squad is not called Starsteppers, Starsteppers are the DRILL TEAM aka dance team of saginaw high school, and only the cheerleaders did this. The starsteppers are also the pom champions and state champions, not the cheerleaders. This is killing the Starstepper reputation for other schools who see this article. Get your facts straight before posting stupid stuff.