David Wright and The Situation’s Vitamin Water Commercial Video

April 9, 2010

Did you get the chance to see two totally hot guys with amazing bodies in a really steamy, yet funny commercial? Well now you can in the new Vitamin Water commercial featuring New York Mets’ David Wright and Jersey Shore’s Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino. Keep reading to hear the full story plus take a look at the photos and the Vitamin Water commercial video below.

David WrightMike The Situation Sorrentino photo

Vitamin Water has recently released their new commercial, and this time they’ve done it with New York Mets’ third baseman David Wright and the Jersey Shore’s Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino, training together.

The Situation informed fans via Twitter about his new collaboration for Vitamin Water. As expected, his famous abs had a little part in the commercial as well, along with David’s powerful bat these two relaxed with the company of some really hot girls in bikinis while enjoying Vitamin Water.

The two of them looked really good and the commercial is quite entertaining, And the work out must really got into these guys who are ready for action. The Major League Baseball season is just starting and The Situation who enjoys woman’s attention might think about getting Sammi Sweetheart from his Jersey Shore pal Ronnie’s arm.

Davis is on the fourth year of his six years deal worth over $55,000 with the Mets, plus his income highly increases after Vitamin Water was sold to the Coca Cola Company for a couple of million. Nope, correction BILLIONS, and David has his endorsement with them open so this means he actually received a very attractive sum of cash as part of that deal, we are talking about $20,000,000 which sounds so very attractive, considering that was just the 0.5% and he just have to look utterly handsome and kind which for him doesn’t sound like hard work.

Take a look at some photos here plus the Vitaminwater Commercial Video Below.

Mike The Situation SorrentinoDavid Wright photo

David Wright And “The Situation’s “ Vitamin Water Commercial Video.

Photos: Mark Stamas, Jeff Daly, Joseph Marzullo, www.wenn.com

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