Jon Scheyer’s Twitter Prank (Photos, Video)

April 9, 2010

April Fool’s Day pranks keep coming, but Jon Scheyer worked on his prank for a few days. Wouldn’t you love to hear all about how his little prank got out of his hand? Keep reading to know this full story and don’t miss Jon Scheyer’s photos and video below.

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So far we have heard of a couple of April Fool’s day pranks done by some of our dear athletes. Remember the one Denver Nuggets’ Kenyon Martin had done to him? It wasn’t funny all at, but the one Duke’s Star Guard did really fools us all, including myself. Just a few days ago I was working on his biography and I read about what I thought was a mistake done by Jon, on tweeting his cell phone number by mistake. Jon having such a good time celebrating his team victory over Butler at the National Championship that he accidentally tweeted his cell phone number. You can imagine how that went.

It was reported during a press conference just minutes before Duke’s game against West Virginia, which Duke won. Jon was questioned about his famous Tweet, since the number was not reported as Jon’s, but this is what he said:

"Most of the time people are yelling at me that I never tweet," Scheyer said Friday. I do every once in a while. … It’s just a fun way to interact with some people."

After a million text messages, more than a hundred phone calls and with the voice mail maxed out, Jon decided to tweet again, but this time to ask followers to stop texting that number, which turned out to be his high school buddy Zack Kelly.

Poor Zach. Can you imagine Jon 6.00 and more followers texting and calling continuously, he might of thought he was going crazy and totally going to kill his good friend Jon Scheyer.

We feel bad for Zach really, he must had had the worst moment of his life, but we congratulate Jon for a well done April fool’s Day prank that really fools us all. Take a look at Jon Scheyer’s photos and video below.

Jon Scheyer Video

Photo: Runyan.

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