Mike Posma: U.S Hockey Coach (Biography)

April 8, 2010

Meet Mike Posma, former defender for the St. Louis Blues. He is now the coach of the Slovenian hockey team HK Acroni Jesenice. Did you heard about coach Posma getting beat by some Slovenian hockey players? Keep reading to hear the full story and read his Biography. Also, see some Mike Posma photos and video below.


Poor coach Posma got beaten by his own players after one of their games. I know how this sounds, but allow me to explain. I was in shock to hear about this, so I got interested in the story. He just got the head coach position last year. Acroni Jesenice is one of the best and strongest players in Slovenia, this whole beating incident happened after they won their match last Saturday April 3rd. Six Acroni players along with their coach went to celebrate their victory. They got so into the celebration that they all ended up drunk, Mike told one of the guys to drive the car. Their drunkenness lead to a car crash, and the players blamed coach Posma and allegedly beat him up with basically anything they found on the road. We are not sure how the players ended their night, but coach Posma finished it with minor cuts and some bruises. He left the country and flew back home this week. His contract that started last November after coaching Olimpija Ljubljana was canceled and the same thing happened the six players involved. The news of the incident and the consequences that came along for the people involved were conveyed by the team’s president Slavko Kanalec.

The players claimed they beat coach Posma because he didn’t agreed that the car accident was his fault. This is a terrible, shocking and outrageous thing to happened, What do you think about this whole thing? Did Acroni’s president make a good decision to terminate their contracts, or they should be banned but continue on the team?

Mike Posma Biography.

  • Mike Posma was born on December 16th, 1967.
  • He studied at Western Michigan University
  • He was drafted by the St. Louis Blues at the 1996 NHL draft.
  • Now as a St. Louis Blues he decided to kept on playing for his University’s team.
  • He played with the U.S Ice Hockey Team at the 1987 World Ice hockey Championships.
  • Between 1990 and 1991 he played with the Utica Devils.
  • In 1996-97 he move to Switzerland were he moved with the HC Thurgau.
  • In 1997-98 he played with another Swiss team the EHC Kloten.
  • Then in 1998 he played with the German Hockey team Adler Mannheim.
  • His last team was the EHC Chur from Switzerland.
  • His coaching career started also in Switzerland along the EHC Chur and HC Lausanne were he was the assistant coach.
  • In 2003 he was named /head coach for SC Langenthal.
  • In 2007 after a encounter with the Law as a result for his drinking, he was dismiss from Langenthal.
  • His next team was the HDD Olimppija Ljubljana, but just after a couples of games he was dismiss.
  • He Signed with HK Acroni Jesenice in November, 2009.

It is really a shame that Alcohol, could take away what might have been a successful Ice Hockey coach career, Take a look at mike Posma’s photos and Video Below.

Hockey photoHockey picture

Mike Posma Video.

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