Megyn Price: ‘Rules Of Engagement’ Star (Photos)

April 8, 2010

Meet Megyn Price, you might know her for her role as Audrey Bingham in Rules of Engagement, but this energetic actress has also joined the list of stunning celebrities at the Toyota Grand Prix. Keep reading to know more about her and don’t miss Megyn Price’s photos and video below.

Megyn Price

The beautiful Megyn was born in Seattle, Washington on March 24, 1971, this will make her age 39 years old. She studied at Norman High School in Oklahoma, where she was the presidential Scholar and a National Merit Finalist, which is an academic scholarship competition organized by the National Merit Corporation. She was a great student in fact she was among the top 20 High school students. During this time she also started getting involved in acting, kind of…you see she wasn’t into acting per say, but she liked to write and produce plays like the one she did at Norman High called ”Here Comes The Sun”.

After her graduation from High School she went to Stanford University where she studied communication and economics. By this time acting struck her, she took time to perform at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. After she graduated and in attempt to pay the bills, she got a job in the financial field. But acting was waiting for her and after a while she decided to pursue an acting career.

Her first acting job was in 1993 as Suzanne Sanders in Quantum Leap, the next year she played Amanda in Saved by the Bell. Two years later, in 1996, she starred in the Renegade as Mary Beth Larson and in Common Law as Nancy Slaton. Meg also was an waitress since 1995-96 on the Drew Carry Show.

She Became a regular in 1998 at Lateline as Gale Ingersoll, in 1999 she made an appearance in Love Happens as Lisa Harris and as Sarah Heinz in Mystery, Alaska, in 2000 she acted as Claire in Will and Grace.

During 2003 and 2005 she became Donald Logue’s character wife Claudia Finnerly in Grounded for Life, in 2006 she acted on the film Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector along Daniel Whitney. In 2005-09 she was Linda on the cartoon series American Dad and finally in 2007 until this day she has been Audrey Bingham in Rules of Engagement , produced by Happy Madison Production (Adam Sander) staring with Megyn is David Spade, Patrick Warburton and Oliver Hudson.

Megyn lives quite a normal life in San Fernando Valley with her hubby and super mega ER doctor eddy, who also was her High School sweetheart. They have a beautiful gorgeous two year old daughter Grace, but sometimes mommy wants an adrenaline rush, which is why she joined other stars racing at the 36th Toyota Grand Prix in Long Beach. Thanks to her t.v hubby in Rules of Engagement, Patrick Warburton, who signed her up when race organizers asked competitors if they knew of more female celebrities willing to have the ride of their lives.

We will be watching for this lovely, talented and clever Rules of Engagement actress on the screen and on the fast track, but meanwhile take a look at Megyn Price’s photos and video below.

Megyn Price photoMegyn Price photosMegyn Price picMegyn Price picture

Megyn Price Video.

Photos: Starbux, Nikki Nelson,

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