Prince William & Wedding Rumors

April 7, 2010

This famous couple has been dating for seven years and for quite some time Prince William & wedding rumors have been going around. Well recently another circumstance made it look like Kate Middleton will be his bride soon. See more below, including great photos and video.

Prince William  3 Prince William Girlfriend  2

This whole new story surfaced when Tina Brown, a biographer of the Princess of Wales inquired about the Royal schedule and some “mysterious” dates were blocked out. She assumed it was for the older brother to announce his engagement to long time squeeze, and she blogged about it.

Other than the fact that they have been together so long, it seems that there may also be some pressure from the Queen. According to an article on Popeater,

“The Queen has made it clear to William that she wants him to have a princess by his side when she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee — 60 years on the throne — in 2012,” a royal insider told the writer.

She is one of many who would like to hear about Prince William & wedding plans moving forward. Though it would make a lot of sense it seems that at least the “evidence” Brown had for an engagement are found to be faulty.

The dates in question, June 3rd and 4th, have been designated for other things, a spokesman for Clarence House said today. Apparently Prince William and the Prince of Wales have “public engagements” (but not related to an upcoming wedding) on those days.

Though those specific dates seem to be for other things and there is no proof, one can’t help but think maybe 2010?! Could this finally be the year? I, for one, would love to know that it is now time for Prince William & wedding bells will soon be ringing for the two of them.

Let me know what you think about it, and check out these pictures and a video about the rumors.

Prince William  1 Prince William Girlfriend  1 Prince William  2 Prince William Girlfriend  3 Prince William  4 Prince William Girlfriend  4

Photos: Deme, Anwar Hussein, Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection, Ross Robinson, Will Alexander/Ed Pembroke

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