Corey Haim Pills Prescribed Before Death

April 7, 2010

In the month leading up the ‘The Lost Boys’ actor’s death, doctors from many different clinics prescribed Corey Haim pills totaling more than 550. His lifelong battle with drugs may be stickier than we once thought. Continue for what is now known about the late actor, including more photos and video.

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At age 38, the man was found unconscious last month at his mom’s apartment. At the hospital later that day, he passed away. The initial cause was thought to be and accidental overdose, but now as the investigations go on, we learn more about what star of the past was getting up to.

There has already been one Southern California prescription drug ring that has been associated with Corey Haim. Pills of OxyContin were obtained by using prescription pads illegally orders and doctor’s identities fabricated. One arrest has already been made in this case. Attorney General Jerry Brown, describes the late celebrity saying, “He is the poster child for the problem. There are a lot of doctor-shoppers and most of them aren’t celebrities.”

I am shocked that this is so easy to do and that I haven’t heard about it more. Apparently there is a database that monitors prescriptions that are given out (called CARES), but its use is up to the doctor or pharmacist’s discretion.

While looking into the doctor’s that prescribed the drugs, they all seemed to feel confident that the actor needed the medication. He told some of them that his shoulder was in pain from filming. He told them he wasn’t seeing any other doctors, and when going to the pharmacies he would ask for extra meds or early refills. In hindsight it all seems fishy and the doctors have said they feel “duped.”

Tell me what you think about the situation with late Corey Haim’s pills. Also check out the pictures and video.

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Photos: Vissions, Judy Eddy, FayesVision

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