Barrier Reef Oil Spill

April 6, 2010

The Great Barrier Reef oil spill has become an international nightmare for those involved, and others around the world. And the situation that happened over the weekend is still ongoing and hasn’t really had much progress. See more about what is going on below, including some great photos and video.

Barrier Reef

A Chinese ship carrying coal was traveling to China from the Queensland port of Gladstone and ran aground in Douglas Shoal (which was way off course). Now everyone seems to be irritated and are trying to figure out who takes care of what.

The path the ship was on is a long one, and may other sailors have tried to take short cuts, and there actually are legal ones. However the area where they wrecked and caused the barrier reef oil spill was outside of legal boundaries. Many questions about why it was there and the effect this could have on the environment have been thrown around.

“This is a very delicate part of one of the most precious marine environments on earth and there are safe authorized shipping channels,” Anna Bligh, the premier of the Australian state of Queensland said, “and that’s where this ship should have been.”

Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd had his own fired up comments:

“It is outrageous that any vessel could find itself 12 kilometers off course in the Great Barrier Reef,” Rudd said. “I take any threat to the Great Barrier Reef fundamentally seriously. The practical challenge is to deal with this situation now.”

And get this! The captain of the boat is more worried about the diet of his crew during this dilemma!

“They need some more water because the rescue team is consuming the water and food,” Mr. Wang reportedly said. “They need that. That is a problem at the moment.”

Needless to say, many were less than happy to hear this comment. The ship is now being stabilized by tugboats as everyone fears if the ship moves too much there will be an even bigger impact of this Great Barrier Reef oil spill. If the ship, that is already damaged, splits in two more than 65,000 tons of coal and 300,000 gallons of heavy fuel oil will spill into the area.

For right now everyone is trying to figure out how to contain the mess and how not to make it worse. What do you think of this disaster? Let me know and check out some pictures of the area and see the video.

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