Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods Renewing Wedding Vows? (Photos, Video)

April 6, 2010

Could rumors be true about Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren’s desire to renew their wedding vows after the Masters? Is it just his wish or is it mutual? Keep reading to know this full story and take a look at the photos and video below.

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We have been hearing rumors about Tiger and Elin for what it seems like forever, first his wish to return to the Palmer Tournament, then it turned out that he was making his comeback at the Masters. People then started to wonder if Elin might be joining him at the Masters, that turned out to be that nope she was planning to skip it, for her children’s and her own peace of mind.

Just last week we heard that divorce plans were on again and that Elin had stepped out of her house, and the latest rumor is the one about she might be pregnant, not just starting her pregnancy, but over 4 months pregnant. That hasn’t been confirmed yet, this is what the source said about that.

Her tummy’s a dead giveaway and so is her behavior. Her moods are all over the place and she’s been eating constantly, which is not like Elin since she’s always so concerned about her figure. She’s also dropping other little hints, like rubbing her tummy constantly, and cutting back on her exercise routine. Her appetite changes, too. She gets nauseous a lot of the time and sometimes doesn’t eat a thing. If she’s pregnant, this could be the real reason she hasn’t sent Tiger packing for good."

It’s just a matter of time to find out if this is or not true, anyways Tiger hit Augusta for the Masters, the crowd received him warmly, he was touched by the gesture, or so he said at his press conference.

“It has touched my heart pretty good, A lot has happened in my life, in the past five months. I’m here at the Masters to compete and I’m really excited about doing that.”

Tiger stepped into the Masters not alone, indeed his long time friend and caddy Steve Williams was with him and who also joined Tiger was a group of over 90 bodyguards, not ordinary bodyguards but former FBI agents as well as former Secret Service Agents, and to protect him from what exactly? Well it was rumored that from any alleged mistress that might want to crash the Masters as well as from any other individual that might want to take some vengeance in their own hands.

And what about Elin, did she join him or miss the Masters? Elin left her house about five days ago, she went to went to Key Biscayne where she and son Charlie Axel were spotted watching tennis at the Sony Ericsson Open Event, and shortly after she was spotted having lunch with Roger Federer, wife Mira and their twin daughters Myla and Charlene.

So what will happen after the Masters, we heard that Elin was not happy at all that about her husband’s return to golf, sources are talking about his plans to renew their wedding vows after the Masters are done.

"Tiger knows this will be the most important event of his life. If he has any chance of winning back his fans, and more importantly sponsors, he has to play his best game ever. Then, to strike while the iron is hot, he plans on renewing his wedding vows and finally putting a period at the end of this horrid sentence in his life,"

For how it sounds it seems that it is just his desire, we heard that Elin allegedly hardly exchanged words with him, and this might be taken by Elin as not merely an attempt to save his marriage but mostly his image and if that is so, she might not agree to do it. What are your opinions about them renewing their vows? Is it for his family and his career?

Take a look at the photos and video below.

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Tiger Woods And Elin Nordegren Video

Photos: Brian McEvoy, Carrie Devorah, Daniel Deme, www.wenn.com

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