Jaylin Fleming: 10 Year Old Basketball Player (Biography)

April 6, 2010

Meet Jaylin Fleming he is the 10 year old basketball star, whose basketball skills promise to be the next Michael or even better. Keep reading to know more about this young athlete plus take a look at Jaylin Fleming’s photos and video below.

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Jaylin was born in Chicago, Illinois, he and his younger brother Jericho live with his parents John and Kafi Fleming, who strongly believe their two sons were born for great things. When Jaylin was born doctors and nurses admired how big his hands were for a newborn.

"All the doctors and nurses noticed (his hands), They were incredibly huge, and I was praying and asking God, what would Jaylin be, what would he do with those hands?" said John Fleming.

He never worried much about that, Jaylin was an exceptional young boy, a straight A’s student, well behaved, healthy and very athletic. So when did this basketball thing start to happen? Well it all started when he was just six years old and he joined his father and his father’s godson Maurice Acker, Marquette University’s point guard to shoot some hoops. But when his father went to the bathroom he left young Jaylin with Maurice. When john came back his son had some cool stuff to show his father, he practically learned in a matter of minutes some of Maurice’s moves. When no one had ever taught him any, John describes this moment as when God answered his question about what would Jaylin be with his great hands.

"When I walked back in, Maurice told me what Jaylin was doing with the ball and I could hear God saying this is what he’s supposed to do," John Fleming said. "He gave me the understanding to see that Jaylin was born to play this game."

He is involved with his school’s basketball team at Beasley Academic Center; as well as he takes time to train with his father, his team, and still has time to do his homework, play video games, play with his brother Jericho and attend to his bible study. You might be wondering if that is too much for a fifth grader, but Kafi said that all things are done at Jaylin’s request, and when it is going too far, they tell their son to slow down. As for Jaylin this is what he said:

"I never feel pressure to play," Jaylin said. "I want to play basketball. I just stay humble and keep working hard."

Everybody who knows Jaylin thinks the same of him, he is very mature, not selfish, well grounded, extremely talented, totally clever – a great kid who loves to eat cheese pizza and sausage. Jaylin loves his life and the time he is at right now. He loves math and his favorite player is Chris Paul. Some think of him as an out of this world talented kid, we think of him as a terrific kid whose skills and charisma will take him anywhere he wants. Is recruiting on the table right now? It’s not permitted until he gets to sixth grade, but he is drawing attention all over the U.S if not the world.

He is just a 10 year old Basketball Star for now, but he will for sure be a future basketball icon soon! Take a look at Jaylin Fleming’s videos below.

Young Basketball Star

Jaylin Fleming Video.

Jaylin Fleming Video.

Jaylin Fleming Video.

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