Chris Kanyon Suicide

April 5, 2010

Former WWE star and the first openly gay pro wrestler has ended his own life. The Chris Kanyon suicide has not been officially confirmed as of yet, but reports state he was found Friday in his Queens apartment surrounded by pills. Get the full story below, as well as photos and a video of this well liked wrestler.

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Christopher Klucsaritis, his birth name, starred in both the WCW and WWE in the late 90’s through 2004. He hid his sexuality throughout his career, perhaps for fear of his job in the classically close-minded industry. Even when he did “come-out” in 2004 after his contract, no wrestling organization would cast him as a gay male character.

After his career on stage, Klucsaritis suffered from bouts of depression and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His friends and family say they constantly worried about him, and often received messages from him stating that he was planning to end his life. Speaking about the Chris Kanyon suicide, Jason Powell of said:

“Kanyon has battled severe depression issues over the years.He told one friend as recently as Monday that he was having problems and was contemplating suicide. The friend is said to have contacted one of Kanyon’s family members to express his concern — despite the fact that he and several of Kanyon’s friends have heard similar statements over the years. One friend said this morning that he’s expected this type of news for years, yet it was still surprising and clearly painful for this person.”

Klucsaritis makes the next in an alarming trend of pro-athletes to have a violent mental disorder (whether self-inflicted or harming others). In 2007, another former pro-wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his family and then himself. An autopsy revealed that the years of abuse to his brain and skull had left his brain “so severely damaged it resembled the brain of an 85-year-old Alzheimer’s patient.”

Do you think pro-wrestling played a part in the Chris Kanyon suicide? Voice your opinion in the comment section below.

Also, check out these pictures and video of this popular pro-wrestler. He will be missed!

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