Candice Michelle is Go Daddy Girl

January 29, 2009

Meet Candice Michelle, a model, actress, and professional westler. She may be best known to some as the girl. See her biography and photos below.

Candice Michelle
Candice Michelle is Go Daddy Girl

With Super Bowl XLII only a week away, people have starting making their party plans to watch the games, and of course, the commercials. One of the most talked about commercials in Super Bowl history belongs to Candice Michelle. Here’s what the CEO and founder of GoDaddy had to say about her:

“What can I say?! Candice played a major role in rocketing Go Daddy into the spotlight. Whether she’s appearing in one of our commercials or climbing into the ring, you can be sure she’ll be turning heads… just like Go”

Candice Michelle is probably a little bitter about the Super Bowl this year because she’s a Packer fan.

Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle, real name Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 30, 1978, which makes her age 29. She is 5′ 7″ tall and 120 lbs and comes from Panamanian and German descent. Her measurements are unknown, but let’s just say she’s large on top and small around the middle. Sorry fellas, she’s married to Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlic who should consider himself a very lucky man.

Candice began her career when she packed her car and moved to Los Angeles. She began modeling and acting until she particated in the WWE Diva Search. Candice did not make the Top 10, but was called back later and became a regular performer. She made her debut in November 15, 2004. At first, she said the audience booed her, but then she became a favorite and the first former WWE Diva Search contestant to win a WWE title when she defeated Melina in 2007.

Candice has also appeared in several movies and television shows. You may remember her in the movie ‘Dodgeball,’ but she has also appeared in the films ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,’ ‘High Crime’ and ‘Tomcats.’ Her TV resume includes ‘Monk,’ ‘Seventh Heaven’ and ‘Party of Five.’ Candice also appears on the Playboy TV show “Totally Busted,” which may be the result of her appearance on the April 2006 cover of the magazine.

With all of that work, Candice is still probably best known as the “GoDaddy” girl. Her first Super Bowl commercial that propelled her to stardom was the parody of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. She’s also been featured cleaning windows, seducing an ABC executive, and dancing with Danica Patrick while getting sprayed with champagne. She seems to embrace this role because she says it helped her get named “One of the 20 Hottest Women of the Web,” get a MuscleMag cover and interview Will Smith.

Check out the pictures below to see what all the hype is about. This woman is flat out gorgeous.

Candice Michelle1Candice Michelle2Candice Michelle3candice michelle4candice michelle5
Candice Michelle Photos

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