Jimmy Hoffa Legend: Buried in Giants’ End Zone?

April 4, 2010

An urban myth that’s been going strong since the 70’s may finally have the chance to be proven right or wrong. The Giants’ and Jets’ Meadowlands stadium is being abandoned for a new facility (cleverly named New Meadowlands), and the old field is the former union boss’ resting place according to a popular Jimmy Hoffa legend. Buried in the end zone? Read below to find out more, as well as video!

Giants Stadium

The myths surrounding the death of the controversial union boss are as prevalent as they are varied. A simple Google search of his name reveals the thousands of sites dedicated to busting the myth. In fact, even the Myth Busters recently tried to locate his body (even searching the Meadowlands) to no avail.

So far, in the world of Jimmy Hoffa legend, buried in the Meadowlands is the most commonly accepted theory. Does this mean it has the most credence? Not necessarily, author and former police officer Jeff Hansen says:

“It’s the NFL. It’s construction, organized crime and cement. Everyone wants to play on that.”

You have to admit, it’s classic Hollywood mafia stuff. They say that he was meeting with the Mafia the night he disappeared, the Mafia bosses took him, mixed him in with the cement, and that very batch was used to lay the foundation for the New York football stadium.

Since his disappearance, the FBI has been leading an ongoing investigation, and frankly sounds irritated with the persistent myth. Newark FBI spokesman Brian Travers said:

“My question to you is why would anyone think we would wait this long. We would have dug up the 50 yard line during the Super Bowl a long time ago if there was any credence to the rumor.”


Representatives of the New Meadowlands say that the field won’t be dug up, and the ground will be converted to a parking lot. But, for the sake of the millions of curious conspiracy theorists, why not just have a look anyway? Hopefully some curious billionaire will volunteer to fund the project, money always gets its way.

What do you think of the Jimmy Hoffa legend? Buried in the Meadowlands? Crushed in a car compactor? Ground up in a meat processing plant? What’s your favorite theory? Let me know in the comments section!

Also, don’t miss the video on the story below!

Photo: Wikipedia.org/dsearls

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