Rachel Uchitel Got 10 Million from Tiger Woods

April 1, 2010

Why did Tiger Woods allegedly pay 10 million to alleged mistress number one Rachel Uchitel? What did she have to say that got Tiger so worried? Keep reading to know this full story plus take a look at Rachel Uchitel’s photos and video below.

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The first time we heard about this Hampton Hostess was in November, then we found out that she hired “The Mistress Attorney” Gloria Allred who met her when she arrived at LAX, she was supposed to give a press conference that later got cancelled by Rachel, this was so unexpected from her. Rumors about this began saying that Tiger’s attorney quickly set an agreement with Gloria Allred and paid the sum of one million dollars to zip it about Tiger, but that was not over.

As Rachel was invited to Extra, viewers expected to hear what she had to say about Tiger, but she didn’t spill a thing, instead she talked about her future plans and her wish to get married and have kids. Extra directives were so impressed by her that they allegedly offered her a spot in Extra.

Again rumors about Tiger paying Rachel to keep quiet blossomed, but his reps said he didn’t and the reason that she had remained quiet about the whole alleged affair thing was because she was afraid since she knew too much.

Remember the first time we heard from her, she also denied her alleged affair with Tiger, perhaps negotiations were already started who knows, but she did tell her side of the story when she invited OK Magazine to her Apartment in New York.

Now there are reports saying that Rachel did allegedly receive money from Tiger, and it is not the lousy one million bucks it was reported before. The sum went up to 10 millions dollars for her alleged silence. What are your comments about this news?

Take a look at Rachel Uchitel’s photos and video below.

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Rachel Uchitel Video

Photos: JDH/JCP, Rachel Worth, www.wenn.com

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