Lindsey Vonn’s Hand Shake Went Wrong (Video, Photos)

April 1, 2010

Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn has been delighting us with her presence since February at Vancouver, she was lately invited to a soccer game, but what happened when she gave a soccer player a hand shake? Why did this common courtesy go wrong? Keep reading to know this full story, plus take a look at the photos and video below.

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Olympic Sweetheart Lindsey Vonn was spotted in L.A right after she came back from Vancouver dressing beautifully casual, she made appearances at Jay Leno in a stunning golden dress. It was reported that Lindsey’s dream to be in Law & Order was coming truem in fact we can watch her on the series’ 20th season this month. I really can’t wait for that one, I wonder what her part will be? What do you think? Lindsey will also join Vogue magazine’s long time editor Anna Wintour at the Met Costume Institute Gala where this year the gala is going under the name American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity and it will be on May 3rd.

She has added some more World Cup titles when she won the Super G at Germany, for being a sports icon and a really stunning woman, Lindsey was invited to ride a Nascar car at the New York Red Bull‘s Stadium at a soccer game where she was supposed to hand the soccer ball to the players, and it was exactly what happened, but as she entered the stadium in the totally awesome car, she stepped out wearing black leather pants and a white blouse looking as always utterly beautiful.

She politely handed the ball to the referee, gave a hand shake and continued to shake some other players’ hands who were close by and stepped out, but this didn’t seem to have gone wrong, what was wrong with that? Wait a second did she mistakenly shake something besides his hand? No thank God it was not the wrong part, not to mention disgusting, but what really did happen was disgusting as well really.

Ok, so she stepped out of the car, ran across the field, with the ball gave it to the referee, but while all this was happening the soccer player who shook her hand was adventuring, scratching, and getting rid of some unwanted guest in his nose, and with that same hand he shook Lindsey’s hand! Really, really disgusting, poor Lindsey didn’t realize what happened or perhaps she did and that was why she run off of the field, so she could wash that hand right away. She might still be washing that hand, you can check that on the video below as well as take a look at some pictures here.

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Lindsey Vonn’s Hand Shake – Video

Photos: Andres Otero, PNP,

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