Mary Ann Jarou is Steve Lavin’s Wife

March 31, 2010

Meet the beautiful Mary Ann Jarou, she is Steve Lavin’s wife. Would you like to know about her? Then keep reading to know more details about the stunning Mrs. Lavin plus take a look at photos plus Mary Ann Jarou’s video below.

Steve Lavin

As you probably know her very talented husband is a well known basketball coach, Steve Lavin, who was working with UCLA as well he was an analyst for ABC and ESPN, but now faith has brought Steve Lavin and his gorgeous wife Mary Ann to the big Apple, where he will join the St. John’s University’s basketball team the St. John’s Red Storms. And what does Mary have to say about them moving to New York? Well she couldn’t be happier since she describes herself as a theater geek, she would spend a lot of her time at the Broadway Theater, so she is ready to take New York.

"I am beyond thrilled. I’m ecstatic, I love noise. I love energy and hustle and bustle. And I’m a big theater geek. I love Off-Broadway shows. I would actually prefer to live in New York over L.A." said Mary Ann.

But she not only is ecstatic to move just for her, but also for Steven, who as she describes him as her own Energizer Bunny, the man won’t stop.

"That one does not sleep, he would always talk about the fact that here in L.A., things shut down relatively early. It’s a match made in heaven. He’s a little Energizer bunny." said Mary about her hubby Steven.

Mary Ann was born in Flint, Michigan, she studied at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I’m not so sure about her degree, but I know that it is something related to Science, but it took Mary Anne a few times to get into science or so she thought. But first she said that she worked for some time at Disney World before landing in Los Angeles in 2004, where as she intended she would do something science related, but acting knocked on her door and there was no turning back from there.

Mary met Steven not long after she moved to L.A, they got married. At first it was Laguna Beach, but later they changed their wedding’s location after they had sent their wedding invitation, with a massive series of emails to tell their guests the wedding would really be an intimate reception in Capri, Italy on August 17, 2007.

Mary is quite petite in size but full of talent and beauty with her 5’2” frame. Her first acting role was in 2004 in Entourage’s Season 1 fifth episode, her role was Sherpa Girl, then in 2005 she starred in Mara Brock Akil’s “Girlfriends”, plus a performance in Nick Cannon Presents: “Wild N’ Out”. Then she landed the role as Lydia in “House Of The Dead” and as Sheila in “The King Of Queens”.

In 2006 she starred as Dora in E.R, she played a hostess in 2007 in “Brothers And Sisters” and in 2008 she played Nikki on “General Hospital”. Last year she acted as Jenny in “Right Place Right Time and in “How I Met your Mother”, closing with her role as Sapphire in “Secret Girlfriend”.

Now we can’t wait for MJ, as most people know her, on her new roles in the Big Apple. Certainly we can’t wait to have a little piece of Steve Lavin’s wife’s beauty, talent and charisma. Take a look at Mary Ann Jarou’s video below.

Mary Ann Jarou as Sheila in The King of Queens – Video

Photo: Chan

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