Caster Semenya: South African Runner to Compete Again (Biography)

March 31, 2010

Meet Caster Semenya, she is the South African Runner who won the gold at the 2009 World Championships, but you probably remember all the controversy surrounding her, about whether she was a Woman Or a man, what did her test reveal? Will she compete again and if so when? Keep reading to know all the latest news surrounding this impressive runner plus take a look at Caster Semenya’s Photos and Video Below.

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Caster won her gold medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Germany with an outstanding record time of 1:55:45, the fastest ever that year, but her muscular figure and impressive skills made the world wonder if that was capable for a woman to achieve, for this reason she was requested to take a gender test. First we heard some media saying that she has both sex organs in other words, a hermaphrodite, then that her testosterone level was over three times higher, but even now her test results haven’t been revealed, which is the reason why after long months of waiting she still is not allowed to run again. For Caster the shame, and the pain of being away from the sport she loves so much is beyond her will as she announced to the world her return to the sport, but the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) says, “No way that is happening” until we have your results! So the wait must continue, as she keeps on with her training and her dream to run again.

“I am an athlete first and foremost and it is vital for my competitiveness, my well being and for my preparations for events during the European summer that I measure my performance against other athletes,” said Caster.

So when will she be running again? Fans, family, coaches and lawyers said she should return in next Tuesday’s meet, but sadly that is all in the IAAF’s hands.

"As I speak now there is no clarity, I am engaging the IAAF who are handling this. Her lawyers are saying she must run. If the IAAF say no and Caster goes on to run it could have far-reaching implications for athletics, I am trying to bring the IAAF on board." said Athletics South African acting head Ray Mali.

Caster Semenya’s Biography

  • Mohgadi Caster Semenya was born in Ga Masehlonh, Polokwave, South Africa on January 7, 1991.
  • Her father Jacob Semenya and her mother Dorcus Semenya are the proud parents of four girls and a boy.
  • She studied at Nthema Secondary School and then to Pretoria University in Pretotia, South Africa were she is studying Sports Science.
  • Her first competition was at the 2008 World Junior Championships in Poland and she won the Gold medal at the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, India.
  • She won twice at the 2009 African Junior Championships (800, 1500M) in Bambous, Mauritius.
  • She won the gold medal at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin.
  • Gender test was required of Caster by the IAAF in August 2009.
  • In September 2009 her coach Wilfred Daniels left her.
  • In November the IAAF agreed that she could keep her medal and the money she won at the World Championships.
  • In December 2009 she was named the Number One Women’s 800 meter runner of the year.
  • In March 2010 she announced her comeback to running at the Yellow Pages Series V Track and Field event in Stellenbosch, South Africa, but since her test results are not yet released she was denied to return by the IAAF.

We really want to have this amazing South African runner back on, but for the moment take a look at Caster Semenya’s photos and video below.

Caster Semenya photoCaster Semenya photosCaster Semenya picCaster Semenya picture

Caster Semenya Video.

Caster Semenya Gender test Video.

Caster Semenya’s Mother Video.


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