Jamie McCourt: L.A Dodgers’ Former CEO (Biography)

March 31, 2010

Meet Jamie McCourt, she is the L.A Dodgers former CEO, and wife of Frank McCourt. Her life since 2009 has been surrounded by scandals like getting fired, alleged cheating, controversial divorce and so much more. Would you like to know all of her news, plus her biography? Then keep on reading and don’t miss Jamie McCourt’s photos and video below.

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Jamie Luskin McCourt was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She went to Georgetown University in Washington where she graduated in 1957 with a degree in French, but Jamie was eager to learn more so she went to the University of Maryland where she graduated in 1978 with a degree in Law. Later she got her MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

When Jamie was at Georgetown she met Frank McCourt with whom she got married in 1979. They are the proud parents of Drew, Gavin, Casey and Travis McCourt.

But her time as a full time mom didn’t stop her from getting involved in law. She got into family law, security law, international law and even Real Etate, but then something better came into the picture, her hubby tried to buy the Red Sox, but failed and the same with the Tampa Buccaneers and the Anaheim Angels turned out to be another failure. But then jackpot!! He bought the Dodgers for $430,000,000 and a new journey started for the McCourts starting with moving to L.A.

Now living in L.A, Jamie continued to do Law as she also tried teaching at UCLA, but then she would have a new position, she became the L.A. Dodgers’ new CEO, a position that she loved and enjoyed for many years. But then in 2009, it all took a disbelieving twist.

Their divorce became public, but the most controversial thing happened when Frank fired Jamie from her CEO position, alleging that “she was having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate as well as for insubordination”. Add to this was the fact that Jaime claimed she is also a Dodgers owner, but Frank didn’t share this opinion.

But who was the subordinate with whom Jaime has her alleged relationship with? His name is Jeff Fuller, the Dodgers’ Director of Protocol, and a guy who is full of $$$ or so he said, but then it was rumored that he doesn’t come from a wealthy family, in this case Pillsbury, and that his former wife Michele Desmarteau allegedly got a restraining order against him after he got violent with her while she was seven months pregnant.

But we wonder did she really, you know, allegedly hook up with Jeff? Well Jamie said that never while she was in her marriage with Frank.

As for the team, she wanted to be reinstalled as the team’s CEO, but the judge said “NO” they both can still enjoy their houses on different schedules. And money? Well Jamie wants one million, but she might be getting $150,000, but why is she asking so much? It seems that she has to pay seven mortgages on her seven homes, which Frank said that she allegedly used one just to go swimming, another to store her furniture and another to do laundry, so he told her to sell a couple to pay those mortgages.

So far this has been the life of the one time Los Angeles Dodgers CEO. Now take a look at Jamie McCourt’s photos and video below.

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Jamie McCourt Video

Jamie McCourt’s Divorce Video

Photos: Brian Howard, Rachel Worth, Apega, www.wenn.com

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