‘Baby June’ Dies: Actress June Havoc

March 31, 2010

After a lifetime full of acting, singing, and dancing ‘Baby June’ dies at age 97. Havoc, who was the younger sister of the famous stripper Gypsy Rose Lee passed away in her home Monday from natural causes, confirmed her publicist. Continue for more, including a video.

Baby June Havoc

Though she started doing appearances and roles at age 2, she would never be quite as popular as her extravagant sister. She will forever be remembered for the character she inspired in ‘Gypsy,’ which is said to be one of the best musicals ever written and was based on her sister’s memoir.

The childhood of the two sisters and their mother was a difficult one, and the younger sister has always had an issue with the way the mother was portrayed. She thought the mother was seen as crude but overall with good intentions. She would actually describe her as a “man trap,” with physical and emotional issues. There always seemed to be some resentment towards her sister because of this.

“It meant so much to (Gypsy), her precious illusion; it made her into an ingenue at last,” Havoc remarked bitterly in 1998. “And I loved my sister, but I loathed her life.”

She tried very hard to grow up quickly and move on from her role as the baby. June dies, after a successful career that she made for herself. After her mother thrust the two girls into any act she could, June left home at age 13 and went into a grueling dance program, and later we saw her become a star in the 40’s. She did about 20 films, but was found mostly on stage.

One of her last performances on stage was in 1983 in a production of ‘Annie.’ It is sad to think of someone with such an epic career passing away, but ‘Baby June’ dies with a lot of respect and admirers.

You can see a video of her performing below.

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