Anne Donovan: New Seton Hall Women’s Basketball Coach (Video)

March 30, 2010

Meet Anne Donovan, she is one of the best Hall of Fame basketball players and best coaches in the U.S. Recently she became Seton Hall University’s new coach. Keep reading to know more about her life plus take a look at Anne Donovan’s photos and video below.

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Seton Hall University’ Athletic Department has made big announcements these last few days. First the Pirates Men’s basketball team hired Coach Kevin Willard, but the Women’s basketball team didn’t want to be left behind, that’s why they hired not just any coach but a Hall Of Fame and former New York Liberty’s coach Anne Donovan.

“We’re bringing one of the iconic figures of women’s basketball to Seton Hall, We’re excited and hopeful for the future of our women’s basketball program.” Patrick Hobbs, Dean of the Seton Hall Law School Patrick Hobbs.

Anne Donovan’s Biography

  • Anne was born on November 1, 1961 in Ridgewood, New Jersey.
  • She went to Paramus Catholic High School and then to Old Dominion University.
  • She joined the College basketball team the Lady Monarchs.
  • She was the first woman to be awarded in 1983 with the Naismith College Player of the Year Award.
  • After she graduated, she traveled overseas to Italy and Japan where she played professional Basketball.
  • As part of the U.S. Women’s Basketball team she won gold medals in 1984 and 1988.
  • She joined the ODU Hall Of Fame in 1988.
  • She retired from Basketball after she returned to the U.S. but not entirely – she became Old Dominion University’s Assistant coach in 1989.
  • She was East Carolina University’s Head coach 6 years later.
  • She joined the Virginia Hall Of Fame in 1996.
  • She became WNBA’s Indiana Fever’s coach in 2000.
  • The next year she joined the Charlotte Sting.
  • In 2003 she coached the Seattle Storm, she left in 2007.
  • At the 2008 Beijing Olympics she was named the U.S National team’s coach.
  • She joined the Hampton Road’s Hall of Fame in 2009.
  • In April 2009 she was named assistant coach of the New York Liberty and in July she replaced Pat Coyle as head coach.

Congratulations Anne!! We wish you a the best of victories on your new journey. Take a look at Anne Donovan’s Video below.

Anne Donovan Video


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